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Stu has released an update based on the Siege Addons news we posted a few days ago. He has now released a list of Siege weapons that he'll be creating and some models of the Siege Tower. Here's what he said: [quote]Thanks for the comments all. :D I think a OFP Rome Total war mod would be great. But i think it would be best to making it for Armed Assault or ofp2 i'm hopeing one of them will have good hand to hand combat and the destructable buildings would make for some great castle sieges :D At the moment i can't fully commit to such a mod just now as i've got other projects on the go at the moment so for now i'll just make some Siege Equipment and maybe a roman ship or 2 :) This is a list of the Siege Equipment i'll make and Maybe more. Siege Tower Ram Onager Heavy Onagers Ballistas Repeating Ballistas Scorpions. hears some pictures of the second peace of Siege Equipment :D [/quote] That's a good list but remember that hes now done the Ram and Siege Tower, hopefully we'll get to see the onager next. I can't wait to see the ballistas hehe. It's a great idea that Stu's come up with and I am very interested in what hes making. Head to the Official OFP Forums to leave your feedback.

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