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Stu is still working hard on his Siege Addons and has now released pictures of the Ballistas! He saw that I was looking forward to see this weapon so he decided to make it next and I'd like to thank him for that. Here's what he said: [quote] Thanks I thougt it'd be fun to make some :) Also thanks Jamie and Acacyn for the news post's :) and since jamie said in his post that you could'nt wait too see the Ballistas i decided to make that next :) Also the Siege Tower still needs a little work not much tho just some holes for the ladder's and some ropes that hold the beams and some other bits and pieces. hears some pictures of the Ballistas and some in game pictures :) [/quote] I've posted the pictures below for you to see. Stu, again you've made a great looking piece of old time war machinery hehe. I wonder what he'll make next? Head to this thread to give your support and feedback on his creations.

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