New Ocean Island?

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Pappy Boyington has picked up were Wacky Iraqi and USMC's dream left off. Pappy recently released a new version of Ocean Island! This is sure to be a diverting experience for all OFP Players! Pappy Quoted: [quote]Wacky Iraqi and USMC started this project many moons ago. I followed the thread and watched the excitment grow. People were lovin the idea and the island. Months later it was released as nothing more then a "beta" it looked nice and I enjoyed what couple missions I made for fun on it. But looked around at the barron land and it felt so empty. An island with so much potential sat there unfinished and soon forgotton. So I took the project of finishing it upon myself. Cuz I liked the island and I wanted to see it finished. Wacki Iraqi and USCM Sniper had a dream. A dream of an island that had a real "big city" feel to it. But the dream stoped at "beta", someone had to finish the realiization of it. It is my belief that this, folks, is their dream realized.[/quote] Here are some of it's striking features: Changes/Additions: -Port -Airport (ai compatable) -More skyscrapers downtown -More houses in the residential area -Church, hospital, and police station -Soccer (football) field -National Guard Base -Factory/Powerplant -Forest (with randomly placed scraped/trashed cars around it for a more realistic feel) -Map location names/text [url=";39763"]Click Here To Download[/url]
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