New WW2EC mission OperationHexenjagd (MUST SEE)

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This is a very special and well done mission. It mixes ww2 and horror in the same pot, kind of like "Return to Castle Wolfestein" It is done by Sengir Vampire, one of the best mission makers the community has to offer. If you played other missions he made, you know what Im talking about. Info on the mission: [quote]Yesterday at night, there was a squad of our paratroopers dropped to the island of Hexenwald, in the North Coast of Germany. According to our inteligence reports, the SS is running some chemical experiments on this island. The Allied HQ decided to send the paratroopers group in, to learn more about it. The paras had to find out more about those experiments and then contact our HQ by the radio at 4 A.M. Unfortunatelly, they never called back... As a soldier of the 2nd Rangers, your mission is to find those paratroopers who had mysteriously disappeared on the island of Hexenwald. Something worst than war is going to happen this evening.. [/quote] From Sengir [quote] We have something very special for you today ! WWIIEC and me, Sengir Vampire, have completed my long awaited WWII horror mission called "* Operation Hexenjagd *". The mission creation took several months and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did the editing, done with my missionediting skills stretched to maximum ! Download this masterpiece, stay at home alone, wait till dark, leave the door behind your back open, turn the light off, set your speakers loud and PLAY ! I guarantee you this is one of the best mission you ever played so far![/quote] Some of the features that makes this a masterpiece: [quote]Some of the reasons why definatelly not miss this mission out ! The island you can see ingame is a good old desert island, I placed all the objects to the map one by one myself in the editor over 12 minutes of heavily scripted intro the gameplay time is aproximatelly 1 hour, it´s a long mission ! over 80 scripts made/used to enhance the mission precise sound usage: tons of scary soundfiles and music to enhance the gameplay experience, they will lift you from your chair ;) awesome, dark horror atmosphere great, scary and interactive adventure fully voiceacted in English[/quote] Reviewer Comments: [quote]Parker: ...Awesome atmosphere ! When I got the fuel I snuck up behind the village and made my escape as the zombies overrun the Nazi position. It was great... Black Magic: I liked how you cast the player into the action from the get go - no opportunity to think about what's going on, just start moving and shoot. The blocked off feel that you achieved with the graveyard wall was nifty cause it forces the player into a "the only way is forward". The dash through the farm house row was great - had a real sense of, "oh my f*cking god" scenario. Trenchfeet: f*cking brilliant mission!!!!! excellent atmosphere!!!![/quote] Now, I haven't played this mission yet, but once I will you bet that I will write a review about it. IT REQUIRES 3 ADDON PACKS! WWIIEC US pack 1.11 <---- [url=";38814/"]DOWNLOAD[/url] | [url=""]Mirror 1[/url] Invasion44 Demo v1.2 <---- [url=";33780/"]DOWNLOAD[/url] Horror mission addon pack (Scott Tunstall´s Zombies+RC1 included) <------[url=";38815/"]DOWNLOAD[/url] | [url=""]Mirror 1[/url] | [url=""]Mirror 2[/url] Mission <----- [url=";38811/"]DOWNLOAD[/url] | [url=""]Mirror 1[/url] | [url=""]Mirror 2[/url]
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