Normandy Island screenshots

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BNT_Overlord sent screenshots of his Normandy island. Here's what he has to say: [quote]I began working on a WWII Omaha Beach island a long time ago. It took me a lot of time because I wanted it as real as possible. I made it from real elevation data and from historic detailed maps and aerial photos. From sea to about 3 or 4 kilometers inland i made (with OFP engine limitations) every houses, roads, forests, etc.. as accurate as possible as it was really in 1944. But for fun, and because I had not all the maps and documentation, I made non historic or non correct placement other things like Ste Mère Eglise (Normally behind Utah Beach) and Ramelle (fictional town seen in Saving Private Ryan film). This island isn't finished yet, but I think I will soon release a beta. I've sent some screens shots to show you how it is ingame... [/quote]
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