Operation Black Mamba - Preview

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Published by Reven 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Sudden Death from the German Operation Flashpoint Mission Database has released some shots and a preview video of the team's upcoming mission, Operation Black Mamba. [quote]You want a singleplayer-mission on a still rather unknown island? You want a mission which you ties up long time to the PC? You want a mission which offers some surprises and idioms? Then pleases You about “Operation Black Mamba” by Chaos Studios. The mission plays on Tonal-Island from Ballistic Addon Studios, an island there are not so much good missions up to now. But this will change soon. This mission is the first part of a forthcoming campaign. A first look at „Operation Black Mamba“: Tonal-Island is already an impressive experience - partly wild uncultivated land, partly close jungle. So there are many alternations to cover but also unexpected emerging of hostile unities. You are John Clark Jr., leader of an US Army Rangers-Team. You receive the order to find a "certain package" and free a VIP from the hand of the rebels. Just landed on the island, a surprise expects You after the next and so the trip becomes from an actually easy order to a hell-trip through the jungle of tonal. Some special features that are developed by Chaos for this mission: CRDS-P “Chaos Realistic Dammage System – Personal“ is a special script that simulates black and white outs, faster and loud breathing and heartbeats, even when the player is wounded. group radio Its possible to turn off the group radio. It´s like commands are transmitted to your team by sign. silencer You can use your weapon with or without a silencer. Without a silencer you raise the range and penetration of your weapons. But the enemy will faster identify your team and is able to call support. So you have more enemy units in front of you and the strange of the mission raise up. SATCOM To be able to remain in radio contact with the headquarters, you should pay attention to your radio operator. Without radio there is no air support and also no evacuation.[/quote] See [url="http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?s=8f10e34c0732e2db9bf09362987a9b17;act=ST;f=55;t=44050;st=0"]The BI Forums[/url] for more details. [url="http://ofpmdb.teamp2p.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=441&PHPKITSID=24f51c0be6313d3ac51a2e20d880367c"]Download High-Res Trailer[/url] [url="http://ofpmdb.teamp2p.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=442&PHPKITSID=24f51c0be6313d3ac51a2e20d880367c"]Download Low-Res Trailer[/url]
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