Operation Flashpoint

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Campaign Retaliation

Finally, a campaign that shows us the Soviet perspective of the original flashpoint 1985 crisis. In this campaign you play as a Soviet infa...


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Campaign X-mas Terror 2004

Max Powers wants to recover from the exertions of the last months. Just on Christmas Eve he recieves a special operation order. People s...


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Campaign Liberation of Malden

The soviets occupied Malden and estabilished a communist goverment. The US Forces send a small contingent to liberate the island. You ar...


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Campaign The Partisan: Persistent Campaign

Randomly generated dynamic campaign, you're the resistance, fight off the soviets! - Weapons, ammo and vehicles stay in your stockpile...


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Campaign BeachHead OFP

This is an arcade campaign for Operation Flashpoint that is meant to show the diversity possible with this game. It is based on the arcade g...


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Campaign Midlands

A short 4 mission campaign on the BAS Tonal island. You play as a Ranger machinegunner with the goal to bring down the cruel government regi...


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Campaign Finlandsky Vokzal

Finland 1993. The cold war has ended. A recon plane is MIA near the Russian border and a special Jaeger team are sent to investigate the cra...


Campaign The Last Months In Vietnam

Your a normal grunt that is transfered at the beginning of the campaign to aSpecial Forces base. Here you will spend your last few months in...


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Campaign DMA Coin Co-op Engine

An addon-free engine that allows anyone to easily create dynamic coop campaigns. Features modular scripts for easy unit/weapon replacement.


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Campaign Dynamic Afgahnistan

The whole country is at war again. The land is in a state of constant chaos since the withdrawal of the Coalition Forces. WarLords and th...


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Campaign Conspiracies Mod - English Campaign Fix

The Conspiracies Mod have made an English Patch for there campaign. The missions will now have english subtitles.


Campaign Anjou 44

Just weeks after the successful D-Day landings, Allied forces have begun pushing further into Nazi-occupied France. We have reports of inten...


Campaign REDresistance

What is REDresistance? It is the Resistance campaign from the Russian side (Playing East) or from the point of view as to who the real la...