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Islands STT Desert Malden

Desert Map based on the original Malden Island, grass was replaced with sand and forests/trees with rocks.


Islands Ebud's Jungle Everon

Everon Island retextured in jungle textures, new trees and buildings and very vietnam-like atmosphere.


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Islands SEB Ia Trang Valley

This addon provides a new island based on the Ia Trang Valley in Vietnam where the 1st Cavalry battled with the NVA at LZ Xray and LZ...


Islands Amoeba Island

A map of Amoeba made by Coward Heart: [email protected]


Islands Dravoc Island

A map of Dravoc made by Coward Heart: [email protected] check out the screen shots


Islands Gaia

Great island-maker Pheaden from USMC Warriors: http://www.usmc-warriors.com/OFP/ - 11th MEU SOC team released his great, bombastic island GA...


Islands Phuoc Tuy Province Beta

Hell's circus website a beta version of his Phuoc Tuy Province island (Australian area of operations in Vietnam). Download the Seb llo ll...


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Islands Winter Everon

A beautiful winter version of Everon.


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Islands John's Winter Map Pack

A nice map pack with some vehicles. Be sure to get the update too.


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Islands John's Winter Map Pack Update

John said this: This is a small bugfix for my Ardennes map,just replace the older Johns_Ardennes.pbo,the Johns_Ardenneslow.pbo and...


Islands Wake Island v1.2

This addon represents a real world island in the North Pacific Ocean, two thirds of the way from Hawaii to the Northern Marina islands. It...


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Islands OFPFiles Map Pack 1

This is the first OFPFiles.com map pack. The pack contains the following maps: Amoeba Dravoc Gaia Jungle Everon Phuoctuy Province L...


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Islands Polska

review coming later - will be posted shortly


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Islands BAS Tonal Island Patch 1

Patch 1 for BAS Tonal Island


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Islands BAS Tonal Island Patch 2

Patch 2 for BAS Tonal Island


Islands Suursaari BETA

----Review Pending after final release. The following is a description only.---- This addon is the author's attempt to model a real isl...


Islands BAS Tonal Island

This pack is African civil war based, it features two islands and two main opposite forces; Government and Rebels (plus militia and armed ci...


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Islands Mungari's Islands

A nicely made island. Download it and see what you think. :)


Islands Wake Island

---This review is adapted from that for Wake Island V1.2. It takes full account of all changes made between the two versions.--- This ad...


Islands Newland Island

This island boasts over 505,000 objects and a 10km x 10km land area. It is still in its beta stages but is already looking promising. This...


Islands Midway Island

Fixes in Midway v1.1 -Added grass and palm trees from seb_ilo island by Ebud with his permission. -Expanded the small village on midway...


Islands CJE Island Pack

This is an island pack and it contains 9 islands! 1.Winter Nogova 2.Winter Malden. 3.Winter Everon. 4.Desert Nogova. 5.Desert Nogova...


Islands Island Kronö

This is version 0.8 of the Island Kronö. Fixed for this version is alot, cant count them all :P


Islands C Site Island

When JP Beta was out I decided to make small fast island for multiplayer missions with dinos. But finally the island is much more bigger and...


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