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Miscellaneous FARP Addon

This Addon gives you 4 new units and 2 new Groups Units. These Units place a "Heli H" on the map that gives the player the ability to...


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Miscellaneous SGF Crates

This set of 6 Shipping containers was inspired by the AGS Construction Kit addon. But is useable by users of ofp 1.46. There are 6 containe...


Miscellaneous DSF Nuclear SCUD Launcher

DSF released their beta nuclear scud launcher. Here are the features of the launcher: -Actual Grid-refrence targeting repor...


Miscellaneous Custom notebook

Gachopin make a nice laptop that replaces old laptop with a new modern one.


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Miscellaneous OFPDR : Sights Toggle

Fire / Aim" in your keyboard setting to "," (comma).Press F12 to suspend or resume the script.Read the Readme file for more information.Have...