Operation Flashpoint

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All Files In Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer
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Multiplayer Highlands

2-40 player Capture and Hold


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Multiplayer South Lipany

Sector Control, but you respawn where your last captured sector was. Has artillery and respawning vehicles/ammo crates. Takes place at south...


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Multiplayer Trip to Hell part III

You and your men were sent to the island Nogova, to confuse the russian troops. If your mission succeeds, they will concentrate their mai...


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Multiplayer Operation LoJack

Rescue a hostage using a radio tracking device. Slots for 11 West units, who will be flown in with a blackhawk, in this cooperative miss...


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Multiplayer Thunder DM

An 8 player DM map based on the island of Kolgujev


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Multiplayer The Rock

Mission details: Halo jump 4000m in the air, and sneak in and assasinate the General. Seems simple? We shall see... Pass th...


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