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Ships 1968 HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier

The Falklands Mod Team from http://www.Flashpoint1982.co.uk/ has created an aircraft carrier modeled after the Hermes carrier.


Ships Age of Sails Static Pirate Ship

A pirate ship from Age of Sails by Shinkansen. This is a static object for use in mission making.


Ships Philcommando's Jetski

The addon contains a Jetski for use in Operation Flashpoint. This will add three jetskis: one for civilians and an armoured version for t...


Ships Tiger Gunboat

The addon contains six versions of Colonel Klink's Tiger Gunboat. The boats are based upon a real-life model, unfortunately I couldn't di...


Ships U-Boat 99

The addon contains a beta model of a German U-Boat. The modelling is well done, and the boat features a deck-mounted 30mm gun. Unfornt...


Ships USS Midway

A nice aircraft carrier , the USS Midway CV-41 - better known as USS Midway, the last ship off Vietnam in 1975, saved thousa...


Ships PCboat2

The addon features a passenger boat for OFP.


Ships Nimitz Carrier

This version is a makeup of versions #1 and version #2 #1 - Version of Hawks Nimitz found on ftp site mid Jan-04 (~2MB) #2 - version of Ha...


Ships Russian Pauk-Class

The Russian Fast Attack Ship of the Pauk class was used as a prototype for this model!


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Ships Fremantle Class Patrol Boat

This addon features the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Fremantle class Patrol Boat HMAS Geraldton. The boats crew are represented in full naval...


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Ships Mark Duo Pack

This addon adds 2 New Boats to OFP: -SMC MarkV -SMC MarkVI *The SMC MarkV is a fast support and assault ship, armed with a 30mm Canno...


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Ships Soviet Destroyer

Sovremennyy Class Destroyers by Philcommando


Ships Tarawa-Class and LCAC

A landing ship with capabilities to launch aircraft from it's desk.


Ships Cargoship

A large red and black crago ship.


Ships Japanese Destroyer (3 types)

Akasutki Imperial Japanese Destroyer.


Ships Zodiac Hurricane

This is a transport boat equipped with a single M2 Machine Gun. As this is still a beta there are still a few geometry bugs, and the boat s...


Ships CSJ US Navy PACV MRF Boats

CSJ US Navy PACV MRF boats, these navy vehicles will get you over the water nice and dry.


Ships SFP Zodiac

Addon by Swedish Forces Pack team, reconfigged for standalone use by Fox2.