Operation Flashpoint

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Single Terminator II Mission

Terminator II mission using the Terminator addons by XPETIT


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Single Welsh Embassy SP Mission

It's 1988, and Nogova is beset by another Soviet invasion. This time, you are a US Army Ranger battling Soviet forces on the island. The W...


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Single Petrovice Salient

This is a completely new version of the original. It is a lot harder as the first version was far too easy. It also contains a new battle an...


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Single Doomsday III

You managed to escape last time, you seem to care less if you survive or die, It doesn't matter anymore because you already seen, smell and...


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Single White Wolf Black Bear

This mission, player take the role of a leader of a team of 4 spetz natz raiding the Malden Airport.


Single Country Trip

Our very own OFPFiles member _Godfather_ has given us his homemade mission to host. He intends to make a full campaign with it, so this is...


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Single Firestorm

The russians have been shelling meaux for a few days now. Its time to put this to an end!


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Single Hitman

The Russian Genereal has to be taken out. It is your job to sneak in there and take him out in his own home.


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Single Take Back

You lead a small group of BlackOps on a mission to take back the bridge held by the enemy. Now with re-try points :) Custom Voice/Music/S...


Single Operation Hexenjagd

Yesterday at night, there was a squad of our paratroopers dropped to the island of Hexenwald, in the North Coast of Germany. According to ou...


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Single Snow and Blood

Take the role of the Wehrmacht Rifleman at the Leningrad front in winter 1942. Relive the frightening moments of the brutal war which was ra...


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Single DMA Last Fight

This mission is to be considered open source for island makers , not having mission making knowledge, but wanting to release their island wi...


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Single Terminator III Mission

T3 mission by XPETIT using his terminator addons.


Single T850

XPETIT made this T850 addon.



REQUIRED OFP VERSION: - OFP Resistance v1.96; builded and tested with OFP GOTY Edition v1.96 REQUIRED ADDONS:...


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Single Resistance Attack

I really have no idea who sent this in or what it is about since there was no readme or anything , only thing I have to go on is this [quo...


Single James Bond Teaser

Mission Details: Hello, this is just a demo mission of the James Bond mini-campaign I am working on. It consists of actual sound...


Single Balkan Crisis

Story: War broke out in the Balkans, between US and her allies against the Soviet Union, the conflict ended with a truce by both s...


Single Gerou war

Alrighty here we have a mission from patriot_dpni for the Eden island. Not much to say since I don't understand Russian and it doesn't sho...


Single Luftangriff der Russen

You are a Spetznas and jump with a parachute from a plane.You are in the middle of a battlefield.


Single Labyrinth

Okay , this seems like and odd mission but here we go. Enjoy. FDF Labyrinth SP You’ve been sent to investigate a strange Americ...