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All Files In Operation Flashpoint Vehicles
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Vehicles East Desert Armor Pack

The East Desert Armor Pack contains 5 east armored vehicles textured in desert colors. It includes the BMP, BMP2, ZSU (shilka), T72 a...


Vehicles 2S6M Tunguska V2.0

This is the first armored vehicle with changeable ir signature... meaning that we can change our ir signature to prevent or obstruct enemy j...


Vehicles BTR 70 and BTR 80 Pack

Pack of BTR 70 and BTR 80 Russian addonmaker Sea Demon released on his site Site of models for OFP new version of his pack BTRs (70+80)....


Vehicles Sdkfz 186s JagdTiger

John released his new WWII German Tank; a Sdkfz 186s JAGDTIGER, with basic model made by KING-Homer. Looks very nice as usual; and he did al...


Vehicles Swiss Mod Armored Unit Pack

This file will add on several new units to Swiss Mod.


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Vehicles Russian Vehicle Addon

This is a Russian vehicle addon for OFP Resistance made by Ballistic Addon Studio (BAS). -Screenshot coming soon-


Vehicles Motor Bike

An alpha version of a motorbike by Bowerybakery


Vehicles 18-Wheeler Truck

Eighteen-Wheeler Truck by Delta Hawk.


Vehicles RF8-GAZ98 Aerosan

This addon is a model of a Russian aerosled, a vehicle developed around WWII for use as a lightly armoured snow-traversing vehicle. The sle...


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Vehicles Dez's Desert M1A1

This addon is a regular M1A1 in full desert camo.


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Vehicles Black Kiowa Warrior

Adds a new, black Kiowa Warrior with a minigun and seven rockets. The minigun fires approx. 84 rounds per second (5000 per minute) and it ha...


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Vehicles Lordremcok's Cobra Pack

Contains a Desert, Snow, Green, Sea and Night Camo Cobra.


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Vehicles Arctic Armour Pack

These are all the armoured vehicles from the game redone in Arctic camo schemes intended for use with Kegetys Winter Kolgujev addon. None of...


Vehicles EM Go Cart

A Great Fun Little Car, excellent for races accross the maps


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Vehicles MAF T72 (Iraq)

Iraqi T72 from desert Storm. Recently made Ed Center approved!!! New version contains crew members also.


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Vehicles Desert Hummer

HMMWV land vehicle with desert camouflage.


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Vehicles Aeronautica Militare Italiana (A.M.I) AMX-T

This adds the AMX-T, an Italian Airforce light bomber/fighter. This AMX is textured to resemble units of the COMANDO 32° STORMO "Armando Bo...


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Vehicles M163 Desert Storm Vulcan

M163 Desert Storm Vulcan with the real m168 vulcan cannon sound ,engine sound, and physics. There is also a picture in the Zip file of th...


Vehicles Nuclear Scud Launcher

Adds a Scud Launcher with a nuclear-tipped warhead. An example mission is included and the readme explains how AI can be made to target an...


Vehicles M109A6 Paladin

Quakegamer's Paladin Tank. You can get a version of this addon for Resistance he...


Vehicles Nuclear SCUD Launcher

New Features / Fixes Improved Targeting, Improved Radiation Detection And Damage, Improved Chemical Detection And...


Vehicles Trishaw - Saigon Taxi

CSJ has released a Trishaw, a Saigon Taxi. This addon is mostly for fun and can go very well in Vietnam missions. This taxi is available in...


Vehicles Bwmod Leopard 2A6

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank that entered service with the German armed forces in 1979, being developed following the failed US-Germa...


Vehicles BW Mod: Dingo

This is one of the standard vehicles the German army, also known as Bundeswehr, use for operations in desert and dry areas. Definatly worth...


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