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Vehicles Mercedes 600 SEL Fixed

The previous Mercedes 600 SEL had a small fault, at the actionmenu for doors, hood and trunk. This has now been fixed.


Vehicles BWMod Leopard 2A Pack

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank that entered service with the German armed forces in 1979, being developed following the failed US-Germa...


Vehicles BWMod Leopard 1A5

During its service period between 1965 and mid-2003 the Leopard 1 main battle tank proved to be a rugged and reliable weapon system. This fi...


Vehicles Jawa 250 Mod

Based on one of the best models p3d of the BIS. It contains two modifications of the model Jawa.p3d


Vehicles HunterKiller

XPETIT made a new version of the HunterKiller with better textures.


Vehicles OFP Need For Speed

OFP Need For Speed Mod as seen on http://www.ofpec.com/ and mirrored on OFPFiles.com. Includes over 70 vehicals.


Vehicles WP Soldiers

There are a lot of fixes and additions, just to mention the most important ones: - new BRDM 2M96 - new Star 266 truck - brand new hi-po...


Vehicles BW Mod - Unimog

The Lkw 2t tmil gl, which is better known as the Unimog U 1300 L, is a medium sized off-road vehicle and in service with the German armed fo...


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Vehicles BW Mod - Dingo

The Dingo 1 (ATF2) is designed to provide better protection against mines for personnel participating in peacekeeping operations than offere...


Vehicles RHS: T80 Main Battle Tank Pack

T80 Main Battle Tank Pack v.1.0 containing older B and newer U series. Features: - Accurately modeled simulation - Tank suspention -...


Vehicles LVTP7 V2

Second version of LVTP7 (completely remodeled and retextured). This is a must have so check it out.


Vehicles BWMod - TPz 1 Fuchs

Look what comes out of its burrow today! The TPz 1 Fuchs, one of the most popular items on people's wishlists, now adds to the BWMod collec...


Vehicles OFPL BRDM-2

It's manned by standard BIS East crewmen (gunner & driver) and can hold additional three passangers. The vehicle contains standard BIS ammo...


Vehicles Sdkfz 302 Goliath

The Goliath was a ww2 german remote-controlled small carriage, which was able to transport explosives to a target. You can R/C it via tactic...


Vehicles Lincoln Town Car Black Convertible

Here we have a Black Lincoln Town Car , it can be found under Civilian > Car > CWK Lincoln Convertible Black Enjoy.


Vehicles Lincoln Town Car White Convertible

Okay , here is a diffrent color version of the Lincoln Town Car. Same as the other one you can find it under Civilian > Car >


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