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All Files In Operation Flashpoint Weapons
Weapons Remington 870

Remington 870 at the official forum. The shotgun can be found under Western soldiers in the Editor. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/i...


Weapons Glock 18C

Glock 18C Hand Gun Weapon made in Austria. 9x21mm. 19 bullets (only loader).


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Weapons Swiss Mod Heavy Weapons PBO

This is an manual install file for Swiss Mod.


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Weapons Swiss Mod Weapons PBO

This is a manual install file for Swiss Mod.


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Weapons UCE EastWeapons

The latest version of UCE's weapon pack is a very handy and very large set of retextured weapons that includes all the weapons that his uni...


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Weapons M79 Granade Launcher

This weapon addon adds a granade launcher to OFP.


Weapons Heavy M2

This addon features the same BIS model of the M2 50 cal machine gun, but has new sounds and the ability to deal significant damage to APCs a...


Weapons SimonPro's Smoke Weapons

This addon includes three "new" weapons and three units to use them. The weapons are smoke-shell-launching versions of the M16, AK47 and AK...


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Weapons STT Scoped Weapon Pack

This pack by SelectThis includes two custom made scopes: A gun scope that simulates the ability to look through both eyes and a grenade laun...


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Weapons Shogun's Napalm Bomb

This add-on adds a new devastating weapon to Operation Flashpoint: the napalm bomb.


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Weapons M82A1 Special Long-Range

This addon include two version of the Barrett M82A1 .50 sniper riffle wich are: a normal version and a suppressed one. New features include:...


Weapons Iraqi AK47

Heres an Iraqi version of the ak47 Heres what the developer, Calm Terror has to say: Hi, on behalf of Calm Terror...


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Weapons M14 US Army Rifle

This adds a M14 US Army Rifle. to add it as a weapon use : FILOM14 to add magazines use: FILOM14


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Weapons M4A1 Carbine

The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsibl...


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Weapons M21 + Ariel

UCE M21 1.00 Featured weapons: classname:uce_m21 description:retextured M21 with walnut stock Featured units: Arielthe sh...


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Weapons MACS M2-A

Croatian heavy sniper rifle. Demo mission included.


Weapons Wipman's G36K

Weapons: -G36K -G36K-LMG (C-Mag + Harris Bipod) -G36K-SD Known Bugs: No distance Lods No shadow in game


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Weapons JAM

Version 2: JAM stands for Joint Ammo and Magazines. It’s purpose is to allow multiple weapons in OFP to share common ammo and magazines.


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Weapons LSR US Weapons Pack

A pack of US Weapons, fitting my different types of uses


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Weapons C90 Launcher

This addon provides: - A new weapon, the "BLDC90Launcher". - A new unit, the "BLDC90soldier", who is equipped with the launcher.


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Weapons Red's Weapons

The idea behind this mod was to try and make the basic infantry small arms within operation flashpoint a little more realistic. All the weap...


Weapons SA-80

---Ignore the overall rating calculated above. My personally calculated overall rating is 4.8.--- This adds a new SA80 model to the gam...


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Weapons M40A1 105mm / SPG-9 100mm

Here you have two recoiless antitank guns good for defend your positions against armored attacks. Adds units to: West | Armored | VIK M4...


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Weapons STT MasterKey

STTMasterKey 1_10 by SelectThis The MasterKey is a Rifle/Shotgun combo weapon. This addon provides the scoped M16 and M4 rifles with a c...