A-4F Skyhawk



Other addon developers, please, sit up and take note. This is how it should be done.

The addon models the US Navy's A-4F Skyhawk attack aircraft, in real life carrier based. The addon adds a new unit class for all of CLK's units, and three loadouts of the Skyhawk. One carries bombs, one carries Sidewinders and a cannon, the other carries fewer Sidewinders, unguided rockets, and the cannon.

The modelling and skinning of this addon really is top-drawer and completely accurate to my eye, with insignia present and correct in the appropritate locations. All control surfaces move as they should and the canopy will close automatically when you begin to move. An animated arrester hook is included, and the engine exhausts are also animated. All of this is very well executed with no glitches.

The cockpit is described in the readme as beta but is perfectly acceptable for now and better, indeed, than some finished versions. It includes, among other things, landing gear status lights.

Entirely new sounds are included for most aspects of the aircraft, and they are very atmospheric and realistic. Of note is a suitably irritating stall warning siren.

A particularly impressive feature is the excellent afterburner option, which, with an impressive thump, will kick you like a mule to obscene speeds, realistically munching away at your fuel as in real life.

I had a superb amount of fun simply trying out this addon, whooshing around with the afterburner on and smashing into mountains left, right and centre as I tried yet another low level run at 1000+mph. I am sure most people will love to have this addon simply to mess around with, there is no more stylish way to annihilate a T80.

Unfortunately the readme does not include installation instructions, and I've noticed, on the inside of the aircraft, as you'll see in the screenshot, a label saying "Colonel_Klink's Addons - A4 Skyhawk". This really is rather irritating and while the creator of the addon deserves full credit for a worthy creation, plastering it in front of our eyes in-game is not necessary and seems boastful. There is a reason for the readme file, and it can be used as a bin for this sort of information. Not at the expense of installation instructions, however.

That niggle aside this addon is one of the best I've seen - truly excellent. I will be hunting down the creator's other addons as a priority and look forward to more of the same.


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