BAS Tonal Island



This pack is African civil war based, it features two islands and two main opposite forces; Government and Rebels (plus militia and armed civilian for each side), a campaign, several missions and the BAS JAM version V2.

The quality of African Islands is truly amazing, with a lot of details, new objects, new sounds, awesome areas, immersion is total. BAS team paid a lot of attention too to keep a satisfying framerate on average computers, this is one of the best island ever made (if not the best). OPFOR units are also excellent, there is more than 170 (!) different soldiers unit classes, with 28 variants of vehicles (Bis rework or tweaking but also heavily modified vehicles), and once more they used a good balance between details and framerate. This is an excellent pack, the only thing we could criticize so far is weapon realism (compared to FDF mod), but other small bugs have been fixed in patch #1 and some stuff added in #2.

Two patches are also out. Get them here:

Patch 1 Patch 2


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