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The UH Tiger combat support helicopter by BW mod. Basic Pack Required.;47742


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The UH Tiger combat support helicopter by BW mod. Basic Pack Required.;47742

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Download 'bwmod_tiger_v1.0.rar' (9.69MB)

- animated engine start up
- animated engine shut down
- animated HUD
- animated MFDs
- changeable loadout (equip your Tiger with 5 different weapons ingame)
- countermeasures
- audio and text alert system
- dynamic damage (fuel leaks, weapon malfunctions, ...)
- realistic missile models and textures
- numbers
- and much more
- Special Bonus: Tiger with RMK30 turret

Extract the .pbo file from the archive into your Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
Addons folder or a mod folder of your choice.

Make sure to have the latest version of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
installed (currently 1.96)!

BW-Mod Basic Pack v 1.55 or higher required!

Known Bugs:

Engine Bug
Sometimes, if the player is to fast, the engine scripts are not working correctly.
You can get fuel low messages or MFD display errors.

Gunpod Bug
Since OFP does not support fixed MGuns on choppers, the Gunpod is moveable.
We have decided not to use Bullets defined as unguided rockets to prohibit incoming
missile warnings on other addons.


How to make the Tiger work
The Tiger is a very script intensive addon, so you have to take the following steps
to make the Tiger work properly:

1. Place the BWMod Server Gamelogic somewhere on the map
2. Create a Western soldier, name it "BWMOD_Temp_Pilot" (without the quotes)
    and place him somewhere on the map.

That's about it, you can now place a Tiger on the map and start busting some tanks!

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