C-130 Hercules



This addon features the venerable C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft for use in Operation Flashpoint: Reisistance.

The plane has working landing gear, flaps, and an animated cargo ramp. All work perfectly without any bugs.

The modelling is new and is very accurate compared with the real Hercules, it should be instantly recognisable. The skin is a disrupted pattern camouflage, and, while of a low resolution, is not bad and will do the job nicely.

The propellors are animated nicely and the sounds seem very authentic and solid.

The main feature of the aircraft is the gaping cargo hold in the back. The pilots enter at the front, while everyone else piles in from the back into the many available seats. The ramp can be opened and closed by anyone. I should stress that anything unsecured in the back, ie soldiers not locked into the seats, or vehicles, will be tossed out the back once the plane reaches about 30mph. This is unfortunate and it would have been nice to take vehicles around the map, but the amount of soldiers you can carry, and the style you can carry them in, is more than enough in compensation.

This is a compentent addon, and will be perfect for any en-masse paradrops or for just about any uses you would have for a large aircraft. It has been very well done considering the small size of the orginal aircraft in OFP.


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