A large red and black crago ship.


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A large red and black crago ship.

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PC Cargoship  by Philcommando
25th Apr 2005

Accompaning files in zip:-

1. Cargoshiptest2.intro - a demo placement mission to show how to place units
2. PCcargoship pbo

1. unzip and copy PCcargoship.pbo to your OFP addons folder.

2. Open mission editor and u should be able to see:-
East>armored>PC Cargo Ship4
Empty>objects> PC Cargo ship static ( this is a more stable ship as it does not move up and down to ocean waves)

3. Place .intro files directly into OFP>User>Player>mission folders. Open up Mission Editor > Load >Desert Island > click on missions and u should be able to see  Cargoshiptest2. This is just a basic demo deployment with units all setpos so that u may copy and paste it elsewhere.

- Full AI paths from sea to all decks.
- Full working geolod 300metres long
- Moving East side ship
- Opening bow doors ( from below deck bridge)
init for trigger:- Bow animate ["door1", 1];Bow animate ["door2", 1]	-to open
                      Bow animate ["door1", 0];Bow animate ["door2", 0]	-to close

Have fun!!

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