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Hello everyone. This is a slightly modified version of the recently released Chechen Isurgents mod by Saddam with English instead of Russian editor names. Basically this mod adds some new rebel models with their own weapons. Check these screens for more. :)



Chechen rebels with english config


Size: 4.814 KB


Internationalized Config (english) with changed editor names

Nothing else than the editor names has changed, so fully compatible to the original version.

I got the permission to change the config by the author of the original addon, Saddam from (Tropic War Mod) and to distribute it with the modified config.

So thanks to him for that!


Original File:


Size: 12.408 KB


by Saddam (Tropic war Mod)

[email protected]


Needs: - ORCS Weapon Pack V. 3.2




(language settings English)



to be found under Resistance / TWR men

Chechen Commander AK-74, 5 x Mag, 4 Handgrenades, Binocular, NVGoggles
Chechen Rebel 1 AK-47, 6 x Mag, 3 Handgrenades
Chechen Rebel 2 AK-74, 7 x Mag, 3 Handgrenades
Chechen Rebel AA AKMS, 4 x Mag, 9K32 Strela Launcher, 9K32 StrelaMag
Chechen Rebel AT AKMS, 4 x Mag, AT4- Launcher, AT4Mag
Chechen Rebel Demolition AKMS, 4 x Mag, 3 x Satchel
Chechen Rebel Grenadier AK-74/GP25, 4 x Mag, 6 x VOG25 Grenade
Chechen Rebel lMG RPK-74, 10 x Mag
Chechen Rebel Medic AK-74, 4 x Mag, 3 Handgrenades
Chechen Rebel MG PKM, 5 x Mag (100 rounds)
Chechen Rebel RPG-26 AK-74, 4 x Mag, RPG-26 Launcher, 1x RPG-26Mag
Chechen Rebel RPG-7 AKMS, 4 x Mag, RPG-7 Launcher, 5 x RPG-7Mag
Chechen Rebel SVD SVD, 7 x Mag, 2 Handgrenades

Weapons Classnames from ORCS WeaponPack 3.2 and ORCS RPG7 as mentioned above.

AT4 Launcher BIS Standard
9K32 Strela BIS Standard


Disclaimer and legal stuff:

Do not blame the author of the original addon or me for damages on your computer caused by this addon or other mental or physical injuries you suffer.

BIS or Codemasters are not responsible for this, so do not send a request related to this addon to them.

The copyright of this addon belongs to Saddam of (Tropic war Mod), no further distribution of modified addon without his permission.

I only made the modified config and got the permission to distribute it as a modified .pbo.

As no other restrictions were made this addon is freeware.


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