Alrighty , well now I can say I was expecting something like this since the Federation TOS pack ... Now we have some good old honor loving k...


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Alrighty , well now I can say I was expecting something like this since the Federation TOS pack ... Now we have some good old honor loving klingons to blow that nasty kirk and gang out of the sky like the pa 'tak they are!

And as the great General Chang quoted Shakespeare: "Cry woe, destruction, ruin, loss, decay; The worst is death, and death will have his day."


D7 Klingon Cruiser and Federation Constellation Class pack

This pack has my completed Klingon D7 cruisers well as a few similar era designs along with Klingon men for TOS, TMP, and TNG. There is also Romulan TOS men and D7 with plasma torpedo, these units have era based weapons. There is also a Federation Constellation Class cruiser (like the Stargazer) Tmp era Federation men with phasers, a few federation support ships to serve as commerce, medical or research craft (basically retired TOS era units). They engage each other in flight when encountered, their engine glow, lights, and panels function with engine startup and other various features like damage received (all are in the game's programming). There is a read me and listing file with more specifics.

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Download 'cjd7ofppack.zip' (13.92MB)

This is my D7 Klingon multi pack - cjD7ofppack


Star Trek Klingon ships and men, and fed TMP to TNG era men with 
Constellation Class and a three other fed ships

These are new complete final versions with 20 hours of testing
and with lights and panels that function properly

All Necessary Addons are in the Pack

Texture File Required for fed ship addon
The other Addons don't require the texture file
Klingon ships require Klingon Crew by default
All Have individual and accurate strenght weapons and tracers
AI uses ALL weapons
All ships have their own bridge, and own bridge style
Most transport 25 to 50 personnel
New Tracer colors
Men have Phasers and Disruptors

Improved flight control and ability to pull out of dives
AI speed reduced for much less Ai collisions and accuracy
of their era and age Constellation Class s faster

Accurate weapon arcs according to design

Some fed units are on resistence side due to retired status
and serve research and commerce divisions

One Klingon Class and man for resistence in the TNG era
they can be friendly or not

Built to work with other space type addons
(Mine and others available for download)


Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged
But some are larger than others to represent a somewhat
scale type

Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun!
These addons go well with the other space addons already out there.

To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game
To The Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating 
great addons and the upcoming ofp2
To Acacyn for creating the fighters and the star wars mod
To Phil Commando for his addons as well

BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons
or If your PC goes beserk.

Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount.

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