from all eras, it is a working Alpha (classified as an Alpha only because I'm not through adding textures to it), also I have my error and weapon listings, and a few ships included.The pack includes a Constitution Class cruiser, the USS Essex with its own hull number and name. The reason I name it specifically is because it has the best combat flight of any aerial craft I have ever built, the AI has only been shot down once in a heavy battle with more than thirty tests and when hit it tends to roll to the side not flip, and even the AI tends to pull out easily without problems (I don't know why yet, but I will try to figure it out and see about improving my future addons). I have also revised the error file with another docking (disembarking) problem solution.Please note that the future versions of this addon will be compatible with the older versions of it as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or anything you like (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come with later versions or the final).It may be a while before I have the Final ready due to the other addons I am working on as well.Thanks!!!CJ


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