Flashpoint.First, it features weapon changes, allowing the Klingons to use the non-projectile weapons and disruptors that are balanced like the new weapons. This gives ships like the D10, Koloth, and L-24 balanced advantages and increases their strength to out do the K'tinga and D7 like they should have been.Second, there are many final or final style revisions to my exsisting or new addons featured in the mod including the XI ships having an accurate appearance and better flight, it also has fixed engine glows that look 100 percent better on the naceeles of the TOS style that don't create lag.There are also various appearance fixes and improvements to ships and bridges.Third, improved appearance final Endeavour (Q5ST) addon, new Constitution ship class and varient subtypes as well as proper pilot style exteriors (Q3CNT) this is a new addon and final as well. Also the weapon/texture file is a Beta version 2 with some upgrades and all ships included are final (The final varient will feature a few various weapon types, but mainly just the needed TNG textures to finish them). Fourth, I have also included a few quick setup missions, but they will require you to download and use my Starpack7B droids and the Akira Class as well if you would like to use them.Please note that the future versions of the weapon addon will be compatible with the older versions of it (exp. as saved in a mission pre-final variant) as well as work with other addons I have built previously using it. There is also a brief description of the anti air beam weapons included in the readme, so you can use them if you like on my other addons or on any unit you would like to add it to (A detailed wepons stat for this file will come with the later final version).Thanks!!!CJ


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