type.The feature craft for only west and resistence sides, a dynamic effct bridge on all designs, weapon types that do attack people but due to reduced damage per shot allows a longer fight and less to no flip over oppurtunity. They also have no velocity limitations allowing them to fly at default game speeds.They are the Fulcott class (the little one with a TOS style sec hull seen in STXI), and Vesper varients, as well as two revised designs also featuring the US style logos.To the OFPteam Sorry about the mishap in sending the upgraded choppers twice, and thanks for the fast response!!!As Always Thanks and Good Work!CJ

cjFulcottV1beta - Fulcott and Vesper varientsIncluded are six craft 4 west side and two resistence ufpstyle cruisers, currently designed to be used as either air cruisersor starships (will work with either I found out).Originally I planned to do the Fulcott differently as a xiship, but instead built it while trying to do an air cruiser mod thusleading to this pack. It is a beta though I don't see alot of changesif any to these craft so it may be more of a final.The big advantage is there is no speed reduction, multiple armoredsections for improved flight and fuel loss prevention in combat, anda massive fuel capacity that allows extended periods of use.The drawbacks are it is designed to be targeted by light craft almostall (except the ofpr V-80, CH47-D, and UH-60) will attack it.Also I did a much more acurate version of the XI bridge using more ofptextures for an improved look and effects.They require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it), and thetexture file cj_ftex (included).Also included is a stats for these craft and all required addons.Thanks!!!CJ

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