Basically it is a beta variety pack of Star Wars and Freelancer predominately, with a few other units from Star Trek and some personal variations as well. There are several ship and fighter units done from Star Wars and Freelancer worlds, and a single federation ship. There is also a Mini Hellfire version of the Hellfire Launcher from Star Wars Episode II for an armored vehicle. Then there are Rhineland and Star Wars like droids, a droid blaster (used by all), some human troops using the blaster, and some aliens from Star Trek (Myneine and Tholian).

The readme details the ships variety from fighters, gunboats, destroyers, frigates, and cruisers. It also details the texture requirements for the ships, Droids and Extraterrestrials have their own textures and the blaster uses the droid addons, the aliens have there own or default weapons.

Important to mention is the fact that when I finalize these they will be seperated into their own categories like ie..Rhineland pack, Star wars pack etc... However just as important is the fact I will use the same addon name and vehicle class for all (some display names will change, but I will have a detailed info file for this). The new change will also mean texture requirements will be based on their class not just the Star Frigate I used as a main texture file in this (this fact is explained in the current readme).

I did test these about thirty or forty hours to see the improvements on the fighters vs. fighters and fighters vs. ships action, so it is very well tested without problems that I could find, Also I forgot to mention fighter texture fixes in the readme, I did alot of fixes to these but stopped preferring to devote the time to finish them as finals.

One other thing I will release seperately my Beta Rhineland Battleship (armed and static) shortly, but after that I will finalize these addons and finish the new ones before any more releases are done, Thank You CJ.



This is my upgraded version of my starpack - CJstarpack7B

Features                                                                     Where to find
Munificent Star Frigate from Star Wars EIII - M1SF     East-Air-Star Frigate

Recusant Light Destroyer from Star Wars EIII-M5LD    East-Air-Lt. Destroyer

Providence Class Cruiser from Star Wars EIII-M6IV    East-Air-Providence Class Cruiser
      and Invisible Hand                             East-Air-Invisible Hand

Vulture Droid Starfighter from Star Wars EI-III-J1VDF    East-Air-Vulture Droid

CIS droid gunship from Star Wars EIII-J2DGS              East-Air-Droid Gunship

Acclamator Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars EII-M3AS   West-Air-Acclamator SD
      and Imperial version                                East-Air-Imperial ASD

Venator Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars EIII-M4VS    West-Air-Venator SD

Victory 2 Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars   -L5VSD   West-Air-Acclamator SD
      and Imperial version            Battlefront 2     East-Air-Imperial ASD

Republic Light Starfighter from Star Wars EII-III-J3RJF    West-Air-Republic Lt. Fighter

LL-AT Gunship from Star Wars Battlegrounds II similar to the LAAT Gunship
from Star Wars EII-III                           -M9LAT    West-Air-LL-AT Gunship
   and Improved weapons version (req.M9LAT)      -S2LAT    West-Air-ML-AT Gunship

Rhineland Gunboat from Freelancer - M2GB               West-Air-Rhineland Gunboat

Rhineland Cruiser from Freelancer - R2RC               West-Air-Rhineland Cruiser

Rhineland Heavy Fighter from Freelancer - L1RHF        West-Air-Rhineland Valkyrie
                     also a Police Fighter           Resistence-Air-Police Fighter
                     also a Pirate Fighter              East-Air-Corsair Vaylkerie

My Original Munificent Star Frigate from earlier packs refitted as Zoner Juggernought-M7FF
                        as a Freelance Mod Ship       West-Air-Zoner Juggernought

Proxima Class Battleship from Star Trek Legacy-F9PXC   West-Air-Proxima Class

Corellian Corvette from Star Wars EIII-VI -M8CVT   Resistence-Air-Corellian Corvette

Commerce Ship from Star Wars Battlefront II-f_novab   Resistence-Air-Commerce Ship

There are also droid units required to pilot some ships and fighters by default
they are also good combat units I did a Rhinland and B-21 droid as well as some
creatures form Star Trek a Myneine and Tholian, and droid and humans who use the
the droid blaster rifle from Star Wars EIII and a Mini Hellfire Launcher like
the large one seen in EII

All Necessary Addons are in the Pack

I have probably missed an item or two, I did alot of revisions quickly and have tried
not to forget any of the addons or specifics mensioned in the read me, but all have 
been tested well.

M1SF is the only stand alone addon, except droids which pilot by default
The starships require textures from the M1SF file
The starfighters require textures from the M1SF and M3AS file
Rhineland starships and fighters require textures from the M1SF,M3AS, and M2GB file
All function well on ofp and resistence 1.20 thru 1.96, tested on 1.20, 1.91, and 1.96
All ships have individual weapons
All ships have a bridge
Most ships transport 25 to 50 personnel
This is a Beta- even though 90 percent is final, I will be changing a few things to
          them, but mainly Final releases will be released as there seperate packs
          ie... Star Wars pack, Rhineland pack etc..., However no unit will have a
          class change so they should function the same wihthout conflicts and they
          do function as Finals currently
Improved flight control, AI speed reduced for much less Ai collisions and better turrets
Improved Visibility on Venator Bridge
Engine Glow shuts off on all versions now
Functioning display screens
Fighters better armored

Human troopers require also version 1.30
Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged

Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun!
These addons go well with the other space addons already out there.

To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game
To The Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating great addons
To Acacyn for creating the fighters and the star wars mod
To Phil Commando for his addons as well

BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons
or If your PC goes beserk.

Star Trek is a copyright of Paramount Pictures, Star Wars is a copyright of Lucas Arts,
and Freelancer is a copyright of Microsoft, all rights reserved to their retrospects.

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