This is the beta version of my Star Trek XI pack.

What I've done different is used the actual, (recently released photo), to design an...


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This is the beta version of my Star Trek XI pack.

What I've done different is used the actual, (recently released photo), to design an accurate Star Trek XI USS Enterprise and Constitution class. The Kelvin, (believed STXI Saladin class), has not been changed and the design I originally used is now the Achernar subtype and USS Achernar, (Constitution class refit variant). They also use a new centralized weapon file with new effects and a new photon torpedo, as well is included a Terran Empire Constitution class ship for the East side and a Monoceros class destroyer. The bridges now resemble the color and style of the one appearing in the movie.

This is the Beta and the Final can be expected in six months, (most likely minimum time), I will finish other projects first for certain at this point, Thank You.

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Download 'cjstxibeta.zip' (9.63MB)

This is my STXI ship pack Beta upgrade 1st. - CJSTXIbeta


THESE ARE Beta versions
New Ships including four hero ships
Designs built best to what i've seen in the trailers
Constitution Class STXI, Saladin Class XI,also Achernar Subtype of 
Constitution refit (my Alpha version reuse)
Achernar Subtype, USS Achernar, Terran Empire Cruiser, 
ISS Enterprise, Constitution Class STXI, Saladin Class XI,
USS Enterprise STXI, and USS Kelvin STXI, Monoceros Class, and
Terran Empire Destroyer - Display Name appearance
Ships are animated--
                     Engine Glow, Exterior Lights, Interior Displays
                     All shutoff and turn on appropriately
Weapons Fire and Damage displays on all bridges
Ships have a bridge

cj_ftex - (uprated) main texture file
cj_fbtex - new weapon file and Achernar subtype, Monoceros and 
           Terran Empire ships                 requires cj_ftex
F11STXI - Constitution and Saladin STXI ships  requires cj_ftex
                                               and cj_fbtex
Accurate Weapons and strength
Various Weapons and types per ship type and role
Accurate ship strength and scan range, Hero's are stronger and faster
Massive Improved Flight, Can now pull out of DIVES as well as the
reduced collisions, the Avionics are armored better and can sweep
Designs are intended to have extras in an intended final
 (when I have more time and have completed other projects), and the
FINAL is intended to be after I've seen the movie, when its out but
by the images I've seen they should be accurate hull designs
Monoceros was included because it strongly resembles the new Kelvin
seen briefly in the trailers.


Ships function well on ofp and resistence 1.20 thru 1.96, tested on 1.20, 1.91, and 1.96
This is a new pack
All ships have a bridge, transport 24-36 personnel, and have transport like boarding
or large boarding radius, also all can heal, have running lights, tracers (like beam),
and lighted hulls depending on design
Phasers and Torps have new sound effects
Uses Default OFP crew currently, sides are west fed. and east Terran
AI handles them very well too

Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged
Recommended Maximum flyinheight 110 to 125 depending on map for waypoint
New Torpedo is a beta and a texture flaw in the Terran Empire ship

Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun!
These addons go well with the other space addons already out there.

Again To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game
To The Whole Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating great addons
and mods
To Acacyn and Phil Commando for their star wars addons and other works
To those who distrube material and maintain the ofp sites 
And To Burner for his spacemod as well
And To BIS and Codemasters for the textures and game as well

I Will do more changes to these addons for ofp, and try to complete my
others ASAP, and afterwards intend to do them for AA and OFP2, again
time pending.

BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons
or If your PC goes beserk.

Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount.

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