conflicts.There were also several structural changes to the ships and completely redesigned bridges all based on the show. Also fixes to the color of the beam as red (correct color used in the movie) as well as sound changes so it doesn't crash as it did in the Beta. The sounds should also be close to what will be in the show, and the registry is placed correctly on the Kelvin and Saladin and the Enterprise, Eagle (also added) and Constitution Class ships have the correct registry type, replacing my not so good looking Beta's with the correct type.I also added the TOS men from Star Trek (included) that I completed to use as the default pilots of the XI pack, all with working phasers with both resistence and flashpoint versions included.The weapon file now has finalized moderate tracking torpedoes, both final red (xi pack) and blue USS Achernar and ISS Enterprise. Meanwhile I added a TOS white tracer beam to simulate the old TOS repeating photons to the Achernar subtype and Terran Empire cruiser. There has been some saucer texture reworking as well.These addons are all finalized, and also all addons required are included in the pack and have been tested in both Flashpoint 1.20 and Resistence 1.96.


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