Plus a new addon with TNG men using a Phaser pistol and Rifle as seen in the series.There are also other vessels that served in the next Generation era and the movie eras including hero ships as well.Third, All have improved fuel supply armament so even weaker units can survive the explosion of a nearby craft of object on the ground and fuel leaks are much more rare, they also have proper armos and strenght basis on their class. Also new bridges for them and though not to scale the Galaxy Class is huge double the size of my Constitution Class ships' I want to note that my pics of the units will show some of this triple pack (that I'm releasing in three parts the preTNG, TNG, postTNG) and some from the others, all done to show style and size comparison due to the fact that I was able to use an enlarged ship on them (also depending on your PC will determin how many huge ships you can use in a battle).Thanks!!!CJ


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