Vulcan, Commander, and medic all use starship Enterprise uniforms with that ship's insignia. The Commodore bears the starship Constellation insignia and the Luitenant bears the starship Defiant insignia.The weapons are Phaser 2 pistols, Phaser 1 and Ray Gun hand weapons. The Phaser 2 uses different fire modes (settings), explosive for the Vulcan, burst for the Commander, and Full strength for the Captain and Luitenant. The Medic uses the Phaser 1 and can heal, while the Commodore uses the Ray Gun.There is also included a TOS Constituion Class (redworked exterior with much better detail) and two hero ships included, they use the new weapons from the ship weapon file (including the new repeating photons). The Enterprise 1701, and Excalibur 1664 are the hero ships, meanwhile the Constitution Classes all bear the name Hood 1703 to distinguish the differences. The phaser is of burst type instead of continuous because I found ingame that it can with a higher experienced crew it fired so strongly it created massive lag, this removed that problem with good crews and the bursts simulate the burst seen in the early TOS series. Also there is a version 1.20 file of the men that allows the phaser pistol to function as a rifle to work on pre-Resistence versions of Flashpoint and the faces use default ingame settings so your not stuck with the same face, on all but the Vulcan. The weapons and ships are animated with working indicator lights and engine glow.


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