DMA Army modpack

The same functionality as the DMA Naval modpack, but uses different units. Featuring Williec new resistance units.

A "light" unit repla...


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The same functionality as the DMA Naval modpack, but uses different units. Featuring Williec new resistance units.

A "light" unit replacement config. Replaces the default OFP units with a range of community addons. - Improves sounds, visuals and gameplay - Runs well on low-spec PCs - ECP-compatible config included - Enhanced recoil on all weapons (modelled on FDF recoil and wavering hands) - AI has enhanced hearing and sight, making for tougher battles - Squad spacing is increased - Includes improved animations

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Download 'dmapackarmy.rar' (55.61MB)

Dynamic Mission Alliance ARMY modpack

Thank you for downloading this bonus mini replacement pack, we hope you will enjoy it.
To install this DMA Army pack, just put the folder named @DMApackARMY you found in the .rar archive into your OFP install , so you will have

...\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\@DMApackARMY

Once you did it correctly, create a shortcut of your FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE or FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE and edit the Target line to add

you should have no need of using -nomap

Once done correctly , you can use this shortcut to launch OFP with the DMA Naval modpack.

Inside of the @DMApackARMY folder you will find a folder named
X-Alternative Config
It contains several variations of the main config.bin found in the Bin folder of this DMA Army modpack, featuring different kind of new material light applied to weapons and/or vehciles and/or units , there is even a ECP specific config so you can use the Army pack with ECP 1.085 if you want.
But refer to the readme.txt included in this X-Alternative Config folder for more precision and how to install.

If you have a problem of addon dependancy, it is not caused by our mod.


Laser for his Delta/Ranger/Pilot/Weapons addons
RHS for their GRU/RFMI/Weapons addons
Nashe Orujie (Our Weapons) for their Pilots and hands model
Tactician and Jocko Flocko for their additional work on the Marine Assault Pack
williec for his resistance pack
RHS/CSLA for their SVD Dragunov
FDF for the recoil and weapon wavering system
DKMM/AKM74 for the PK machinegun
ECP mod for their editor, increased AI awareness and formation spacing ideas.
Benus for his handgun sight textures
DMA for the night vision
"Thanks to Too-Tall aka Pappy Boyington & the Y2K3 mod for the .p3d for Benus textures"

The DMA modteam member would like to thank each of the above for allowing the use of their work in this modpack.

Note: This modpack feature the DMA Animation pack 1.1 , the Patrol version

Thanks to the Dynamic Mission Alliance for all the testing, suggestions and mixing this together with optimisations.

All the models and textures from this mod are the properties of their original authors. If you want to use them, contact the authors directly, not the DMA members.

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