DMA European Resistance

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Alright , I was going over the files and noticed we had most DMA files but this one and maybe a few others so I added this one , it is a Resistance group made to be used with European themed areas.




DMA European Resistance

Models and textures: Williec
Configs: Sanctuary
Testing: Sanctuary, Honchoblack, TacRod

Thanks to Ebud for all his help.


This is not an official addon. Williec, DMA and BIS take no responsibility for any damage this addon may cause.


OFP: Resistance 1.96


These units are intended to serve as a generic OPFOR for European theatres. There are two basic types of unit in the
pack. One uses a hodge-podge of weapons and camo (including civilian clothes). The other wears full camouflage.

They are seperated into a variety of groups in the editor. These groups are under RESISTANCE and EAST.


You do NOT have the right to modify and re-release these units without obtaining Williec's permission first.


All models included with this release are in mlod format. I chose not to binarize them so that they can be edited, modified, updated etc without people having to ask for the mlod versions. You also do not need to ask permission to edit and release a new addon made from these. I am also including the UV maps for easier texture creation.

There are  only 3 things I ask if you create a new addon using these units or parts of these units.

1. You just add a credit line in the readme crediting Williec and DMA
2. If you start a thread in the BIS forum you state right away where the base unit came from.
3. You seriously consider releasing the final release in mlod format as well.


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