An island based on Libya. It was designed from the ground up to be mission-friendly. AI pathfinding, good frame-rates and interesting locati...


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An island based on Libya. It was designed from the ground up to be mission-friendly. AI pathfinding, good frame-rates and interesting locations were key design elements.

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Download 'dma_libya.rar' (16.99MB)


version beta 1.0

Released by Honcho (DMA)

I. Credits

WilliEC                   - oil worker units
Agent Smith    	     - objects
Sniping Jack    	     - textures/WRPTool Tutorial
Mapfact                  - objects
Cat Shit One          - objects
UNSUNG               - objects
Sanctuary              - feedback/mission
Tacrod           	    - feedback/mission
Honcho        	    - concept, terraforming, object placement, texture placement, config, intros, mission

Thanks and greetings go to Agent Smith, who has been an inspiration with the first class objects he made, and with the excellent rework of Cats Afghanistan.  And since he left the community for a while, I was stuck making my own map for an african themed mercinary mission he suggested on the BIS forums.
Special thanks to Sniping Jack, for textures and an excellent tutorial for WRPTool, which got me island making in no time.
Also thanks to the Mapfact team, whos excellent objects always lured me into making my own island, the oil addon finally did the trick and I couldnt resist any longer and I had to start making my own map.
Further thanks and greetings go to Munk, whereismyrabbit and jjr, whos excellent Generic Middle East units where a further inspiration for making a desert themed map.
And thanks go out to all those addonmakers, which excellent addons we used in the introduction missions.
Special thanks go out to WilliEC, who made excellent oil workers to go with the map.
And last but not least thanks go out to my partners in the Dynamic Mission Alliance, Sanctuary and Tacrod, who are always helping and supporting when needed.

II. Features

This map was inspired by Libya. It features coast to the north, the east/west/south sides are to be considered land based. Stay away from those borders, since the coast has not been terraformed in those regions the region ends abrupt.  The map is build with focusing on the freedom of movement for the AI units in urban areas.

- 2 cities
- 1 harbour town
- 7 villages
- International Airport with functional ILS (landing autopilot)
- 2 harbours
- 2 military bases
- 2 oil fields
- 3 large oil company base camps
- 6 small oil company supply camps
- 1 pipeline stretching over the whole island
- 3 oasis
- 1 small airstrip
- 1 deserted city
- 1 deserted castle
- 1 deserted village
- Thousands of rocks and palms

III. Needed Addons for Island

Cat Afghanistan Revisited 1.2

Mapfact Oil Addon 1.02

Mapfact barracks 1.5

Mapfact MilObj-Pack 1.0

Mapfact Airport/Mines 1.2

3WX Object Pack 1.1

Unsung BFV plant pack

IV. Known bugs

- palms on the map have issues with alpha textures, will be replaced in the next update
- palms don’t show up in the editor, will be replaced in the next update
- No names on the map, to make it african themed generic usable, mission editors read VII. below
- as a beta version, this map is still considered to be work in progress

V. Introduction Missions

"LAST FIGHT LIBYA" by Sanctuary (DMA)

Can you survive after being shot down in a helicopter untill help arrives?  Short + intense battle missions, using different locations and atmosphere.  Mission parameters can be choosen by dialog.

addons needed for this mission:

Blackblood Bleed Units 1.0d;act=ST;f=4;t=47386;st=0

MUNK-WHEREISMYRABBIT?-JJR Generic Middle East Rebels 1.21

Footmunch Merlin EH-101 beta;act=ST;f=4;t=48278


UKF DPM1 1.0

BAS/JAM3 team JAM3


"BLEED FOR OIL" by Honcho (DMA)

Dynamic UKF mission, using Blackbloods desert troops and Generic Middle east rebels.  Protect the Oil Production in an unstable country.  Dynamic Mission featuring all the points of interest on the Libya map.  Based on Dynamic War Single Player Template by Sanctuary.

addons needed for this mission:

Blackblood Bleed Units 1.0d;act=ST;f=4;t=47386;st=0

MUNK-WHEREISMYRABBIT?-JJR Generic Middle East Rebels 1.21

UKF DPM pack 1.1

UKF Landrover XD 110 WMIK 1.0

UKF LandRovers 90 & 110GS 1.0

LT. DAMADGE Toyota Hilux 1.1

Footmunch Merlin EH-101 beta;act=ST;f=4;t=48278


BAS/JAM3 team

DMA Oil Worker 1.0
Included with the island download (DMA-LIBYA/ADDONS)


VI. Oil Worker units

Included with the island are 5 oil worker units, they can be found in the editor under civilian/man.

The following units are included in the oilworkers.pbo (DMA-LIBYA/ADDONS)

Oil Foreman		-	oilworker4
Oil Technician		-	oilworker3
Oil Worker Dirty 1	-	oilworker1a
Oil Worker Dirty 2	-	oilworker1b
Oil Worker Clean	-	oilworker2

All models and their textures used on this addon are intellectual properties of WilliEC. Any public releases of edited versions of these models or textures is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Please contact the DMA team for info prior to any editing rather than after.

VII. Mission Editor Location Introduction

Since I havent named any locations on the map, I made these little editor introductions for mission makers, to present the points of interest.
The content of the "Location Introduction" folder is to be placed in "OperationFlashpoint\USERS\yourname\missions" , and will then be available in the mission editor for loading.  Load and preview the introductions in the editor, to get to know the islands features.

VIII. Installation

Libya_256.pbo goes into your "OperationFlashpoint\RES\addons" folder or modfolder of your choice. 
All the needed addons into your "OperationFlashpoint\RES\addons" folder or modfolder of your choice.
Oilworker.pbo goes into your "OperationFlashpoint\RES\addons" folder or modfolder of your choice. 
Libya_256_Anim folder has to go into "OperationFlashpoint\RES\addons", otherwise it won't work!!!
The content of the missions folder is to be placed in "OperationFlashpoint\missions" folder.
OFP version 1.91 or higher is required to play. The latest version is recommended.
Further recommended for the playing the missions are either the DMA-NAVAL or DMA-ARMY modpack.

IX. Disclaimer:

Copyrights reserved for Honcho from Dynamic Mission Alliance (HonchoBlack on the BIS forums).
All models of the used addons and textures used on the map are intellectual property of their respective authors.
This is an unofficial addon. You use this addon at your own risk. Neither BIS, Codemasters nor anybody else can be held responsible in case the use of this addon results in any problems. 

Contact Honchoblack via PM at BIS official forums:;act=Profile;CODE=03;MID=104-1100464970

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