DMA M202A1

An entirely new type of weapon, never seen before in OFP. Based on a real world weapon.


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An entirely new type of weapon, never seen before in OFP. Based on a real world weapon.

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Download 'dmam202a1.rar' (977KB)

Dynamic Mission Alliance M202A1 Flash

Thank you for downloading this M202A1 "Flash" weapon.
We hope you will enjoy it.

This weapon is released "open source" , it means we provide the MLOD version of the model to everyone so it can be improved , reworked , rextextured, re-config-ed and more without any need of permissions.

Only credits to DMA (TacRod, Honchoblack, Sanctuary) is required.


In the actual state, this weapon is complete and balanced for OFP gameplay
It means it is not "overpowered" or "underpowered" and like its real counterpart is deadly against infantry and static positions , while a lot less against armored vehicles.
It has material lights applied to it too.

The sight is totally functionnal and "zero-ed" for a crouch position of fire.
Each graduation represent 100 real meters in OFP , and so it is possible to be very accurate and efficient with this weapon once you know the distance to your target.


How to use it :
In the editor , when you install this addon, you will find under West/Men a Flash Grenadier unit that carry the M202A1 with its incendiary rockets

If you plan to have another unit to carry the M202A1 , you must put the following in the init line of such unit to benefit of all the effects of the M202A1 (the Flash Grenadier units have those effects "built-in" , so do not need this line)

this addeventhandler ["fired","if ((_this select 1 in [{Throw},{DMAFlashLauncher}])) then {_this exec {\DMA_Flash\burnflash.sqs}}"]

A bonus in this addon : an invisible light that is accessbile from the editor under Empty/Object (its primary use was for the M202A1 effects, but you can use it how you want)

Classes names for editors :

the weapon class name is   DMAFlashLauncher
the magazine class name is   DMAFlashMag
the light object class name is   DMALight  
the Flash Grenadier class name is   FlashUnitWB


credits for one of the sample texture from Marfy tutorial.

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