DX-10 For Operation Flashpoint GOTY



WARNING Only Use This With DX 10

installation replace you're old HWTL with dis one please use it only with DX10 if your using it with DX9 the game may slow down and water will be black. and the game will be slow,,depends off the processor

1 installation place the Sky mode on the Desktop know copy it and open operation flash point know open >> RES <<< know go to HWTL and Paste ok... know start the game with hwtl and have fun

>> 2.3GHZ 2Gig Memory HD 700 MB min if your using 1 gig memory the game will crash you will get a warning on desktop no memory ore out off memory...

this sky mode commes from the game call t FLIGHT SIMULATOR X water and SKY ARE PERFECT and Rain and Snow only for DX 10

you can use it with>> DX9 but the Graphic will be Different.... less 3D

mod bye Mevludin.R

TX to Microsoft staff have fun

will work on vista DX 10 all graphic cards that support DX10 you can check you'r dx version bye going to run and write this dxdiag.. Realism 99/100 %


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