Everon Defence Forces Soldiers Pack

Everon Defence Forces Soldiers Pack V2.1, featuring 16 different soldiers. No mission included.


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Everon Defence Forces Soldiers Pack V2.1, featuring 16 different soldiers. No mission included.

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Download 'iro_edf_v21.1.rar' (9.91MB)

Everon Defence forces soldiers

Version: 2.1

By Ironsight and Offtime


- Llauma for the costum head model
- Hyakushaki for the PASGT helmet and some other textures
- Rezin for the pilot helmet textures
- Battle Over Hokkaido mod for the KM38 seat textures. I wasn't able to contact BOH in time for the release of this pack so I did decide to include them in this pack with credit. However if BOH decides not to give permsission for the ue of the texture they will be removed immediately in the next pack.

Special thanks:

- Kooky and Cribban for their input in the EDF team
- Arne for cleaning up the old config
- CanadianTerror for hunting out the bugs


Second Public release
Internal release with new body model and textures
Internal release
Public release
Second Internal release with improved textures
First Internal release

There are 3 PBO files in the rar file, which need to be extracted into your Operation Flashpoint/Addons folder.
(NOTE: you can use either the OFP/Addons or Res/Addons folder)


All units can be found under West => Everon Defence forces

Mision editors:

Unit classnames:

EDF Rifleman:					IRO_EDF_sol
EDF Rifleman w/boonie:				IRO_EDF_solb
EDF Machine gunner:				IRO_EDF_SOLmg
EDF Grenadier:					IRO_EDF_gren
EDF LAW Operator:				IRO_EDF_sollaw
EDF Stinger Operator:				IRO_EDF_solsting
EDF Medic:					IRO_EDF_medic
EDF sniper:					IRO_EDF_sniper
EDF Officer:					IRO_EDF_officer
EDF Special Warfare group:			IRO_EDF_SF
EDF Pilot:					IRO_EDF_pilot
EDF Crew:					IRO_EDF_crew
EDF Naval Corpsman:				IRO_EDF_NAVY
EDF National Reserve Corps soldier w/helmet:	IRO_EDF_RC
EDF National Reserve Corps soldier w/boonie: 	IRO_EDF_RCb
EDF Military Police Corps soldier:		IRO_EDF_MP
EDF Kia KM38					IRO_EDFkia
EDF Kia KM38 w/M2HB				IRO_EDFkia_HMG

Special scripts:

COC UA - EDF Officer and the EDF Special Warfare Group operator function as a forward observer for COC UA and can, in combination with an artillery unit and the COC obelisk on the map, call in artillery support. 
Facetex - All the soldiers have constum head models and facetextures. Facetex.pbo is included in the RAR archive but I suggest always to obtain the latest version of the PBO to ensure compatiblity with other addons.

Mission compatibility:

After this pack none of the classnames in the pack will be edited or removed to ensure compatibility of missions in the future.


Facetex (included in the RAR archive)

Author's note

More Everon Defence force addons will follow soon. Keep an eye on the Official forums. 


Please visit the Official Forum for discussions of this addon. (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi)

*************Disclaimer and EULA*******************
This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk.
You are free to distribute this addon under the condition that you keep it free.
Do not modify this addon without explicit permission of the original author.
This addon is for personal entertainment only, other uses (especially commercial uses) are forbidden unless explicit permission has been given.

Enjoy the addon!

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