FN P90



This addon contains 8 variants of the FN P90.

the weapon names are: CH_p90(normal sites) CH_p90_tac(Tac version) CH_p90_SC(Scope) CH_p90_SC_tac(Scope + Tac) CH_p90_SD(Silencer) CH_p90_tac_SD(Silenced + Tac) CH_p90_SC_SD(Silenced + Scope) CH_p90_SC_tac_SD(Silenced + Scope + Tac)



FnP90 by Cheetah

pleaz email me with your comments on this addon, I always like to know what other ppl think of my work and to hear about the things that need improving.

[email protected]

-----------------------------------------------------------------GENERAL DOWNLOADERS------------------------------------------------
you know the license agreement thing bla bla bla
and if you don't, then go download another addon.

place in your ofp addons folder, doesnt matter which one.


This addon contains 8 variants of the fn P90.
you will find them under 'West > CH-Men'

The soldiers have new static anims so they hold the gun properly, hope you like em...
Flashlight on the Tac version doesnt actually work, i'm still working on that...

-------------------------------------------------------------MISSION AND ADDON MAKERS---------------------------------------------------------------------

I left the P3d in the pbo Uncompressed, so if anyone wants to edit it or simply take a look at it then go ahead,
If you want to rerelease the addon with new textures or whatever, then plz email me first.

the weapon names are: CH_p90                           (normal sites)
                                   CH_p90_tac                    (Tac version)
                                   CH_p90_SC                    (Scope)
                                   CH_p90_SC_tac              (Scope + Tac)
                                   CH_p90_SD                    (Silencer)
                                   CH_p90_tac_SD              (Silenced + Tac)
                                   CH_p90_SC_SD              (Silenced + Scope)
                                   CH_p90_SC_tac_SD        (Silenced + Scope + Tac)

for the magazines: 57x28mm             (for the non-silenced versions)
                            57x28mmSD        (for the silenced versions)

Don't ask me why it needs two magazines types, it just does, it's stupid I know, and if you know how to fix it, plz tell me :D

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