H&K MP5 Pack

This is a new weapons pack for OFP. It allows you to play with a few more weapons and other stuff. More details can be found below.


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File Description

This is a new weapons pack for OFP. It allows you to play with a few more weapons and other stuff. More details can be found below.

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Download 'hk_mp5.rar' (5.84MB)

*******************************H&K MP5 pack 0.9************************************************


I'am not taking any credit for this pack because I've used lot of others work,mostly CS 
skin makers. Read next part of readme for detailed credits. USE AT OWN RISK, YOU KNOW THE DRILL!


It was imposible for me to contact all of orginal CS autors becouse they don't ussualy  
give theirs adreses in readme files.You must accept it if you want to use this addon.

  Offtime           - helping with textures editing
  Przezdzieblo      - realism consultant 
  Jonez             - beta testing and he sent me some sounds
  Kyle Sarnik       - Told me how to make nice bolt animation, he also helped me with adding this
                       animation to MP5Sd variants
  DanAK47           - Orginal idea of bolt animation
  Earl              - Aimpoint optics
  Operation Cacarot - Eotech optics (Zoloq - orginal pics, Gordy - texture, Ag Smith - optic model) 

*********************ORGINAL CREDITS FROM CS SKINS README FILES**********************************
Mp5 Model 		- Short_Fuse
Mp5 Skin		- Creeping_Jesus

Rail Model		- Short_Fuse
Rail Skin		- Version_2

Aimpoint Model		- Originally by Ironclad, redone by Version_2
Aimpoint Skin		- Wannabe
Aimpoint Skin Edits	- Sub Zero (a.k.a. Iceman)

Aimpoint Base Model	- The Lama (a.k.a. Dave)
Aimpoint Base Knobs	- SAS.STU
Aimpoint Base Skin	- -X-

Front Grip Model	- Version_2
Front Grip Skin		- Prodigy

Magazine Model		- Version_2
Magazine Skin		- Creeping_Jesus

Tape Texture		- The_Ai

MP5 model: Firegold
	-MP5 skin : Wannabe
	-stock model & skin: Hopsefloh
	-bullet model & skin: Version_2

Model: Short_fuse
Stock model: Andrew
Foregrip model: Stoke
Vertical grip model: Sas.Stu
Barell model: Firegold
Scope model: BulletHead
Bullet model: Stoke
Frame and Vertical Grip skin: Creeping_jesus (edit by Stoke, red tape by Nightshade)
Bullet, Scope, Stock and Foregrip skin: Stoke
Barell Skin: Thor
Arm Skin: Robert Olender, Stoke
Animations: Stoke
Hackage: Yamantaka
Compiling and Render: Stoke

*********************************EDITOR INFO*******************************************************

DESCRIPTION                             WEAPON IN EDITOR             MAGAZINE IN EDITOR
HK MP5A5 with folded butstock           HK_MP5A5FB                  HK_MP5mag

HK MP5A5 with flashligt                 HK_MP5A5F                   HK_MP5mag

HK MP5A5 with flaslight + aimpoint      HK_MP5A5FAi                 HK_MP5mag

HK MP5a5 Special Modification           HK_MP5a5SF                  HK_MP5mag

HK MP5/10 A5                            HK_MP510A5                  HK_M510mag

HK MP5/10 A4                            HK_MP510A4                  HK_M510mag

HK MP5K A4                              HK_MP5KA4                   HK_MP5mag

HK MP5K A4 pistol slot                  HK_MP5KA4P                  HK_MP5mag

HK MP5SD6                               HK_MP5SD6                   HK_MP5SDmag

HK MP5SD6 + aimpoint                    HK_MP5SD6FAi                HK_MP5SDmag

HK MPSD6 Special Modification           HK_MP5SD6SF                 HK_MP5SDmag

HK MP5A4 For police use                 HK_MP5A4SWAT                HK_MP5mag

HK MP5SD5 For police use                HK_MP5SD5SWAT               HK_MP5SDmag


Via email : margsg9@o2.pl


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