Hoyt's Big Weapon Pack

hoyt_weaponpack1.4.rar —


Total of 53 Weapons included in the pack.



Weapons:       With extra equipment:

Saiga-12k      tactical


Bizon-2        PO, PK-AS  (All unsupressed)

AK-101        PSOP, PKAV, GP-30, bayonet, PO, PO-Nigh, Tactical & Cobra, Tactical & PO
AK-102         PKAV-ill, PSOP, BR & PO
AK-103         PSOP, PKAV, GP-30, PBS1 & Cobra, PBS1 & PK-AV, bayonet, PO, PO-Night, Tacical & Cobra
              Tactical & PO, Tactical & PO & PBS-1
AK-104         PKAV-ill, PSOP, PBS-1 & PKAV, PBS-1 & PO, Tactical & PBS-1 & PKAV
AK-105         PKAV-ill, PSOP, BR & PO
AK-107         PSOP, PK-AV
AK-108         PSOP, PK-AV
AN-94          GP-30

SV-98         Silenced

Short names:

Cob: Kobra, Cobra sight
GP-30: Grenade Launcher
PKAV: PK-AV Red dot sight
ill: Illuminator,  flashlight
PBS-1: Silencer
PSOP: like PSO sight but black and on rail
bayonet: AK-74M bayonet
PO, PO-night: Belarus PO 3.5X21P scope, Night is Yellow scope lines
BR : BR Supressor for 556 and 545
PK-AS: PK-AS-W Red dot sight
Tac: Tactical gear, costum grip, pads, web railing etc.

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