Hoyts East Weapon Pack

This new pack adds some new weapons to the game. Check the screenshots for more details!


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File Description

This new pack adds some new weapons to the game. Check the screenshots for more details!

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Download 'hoyt_weaponpack_12.rar' (5.66MB)

Hoyts East weapon pack v1.2
overall classname: hoyt_pack12

Weapon             Weapon class         Magazine class          Grenades     

Saiga-12k          hoyt_saiga12k        hoyt_saiga12kmag
Saiga-12k(tac)     hoyt_saiga12ktac     hoyt_saiga12kmag    
Sv-98              sv98                 sv98_mag    
Sv-98 Silenced     sv98sil              sv98mag      
MP-446             hoyt_mp446           mp446mag      
AEK971             hoyt_aek971          JAM_E545_30mag
AK-102             hoyt_ak102           JAM_W556_30mag
AK-102speciall     hoyt_ak102spec       JAM_W556_30mag
AK-104             hoyt_ak104           JAM_E762_30mag
AK-105             hoyt_ak105           JAM_E545_30mag
AK-107             hoyt_ak107           JAM_E545_30mag
AK-108             hoyt_ak108           JAM_W556_30mag
AN-94              hoyt_an94            JAM_EAN94_30SBAmag
AN-94 GP-30        hoyt_an94_WITH_GL    JAM_EAN94_30SBAmag      JAM_VOG25grenade, JAM_VOG25Vest 

AEK971, AK-102 to AK-108,  AK-102speciall, AN-94, AN-94 GP-30 require JAM 3, courtisy of www.ofpec.com

I would like to put JAM on other but there is nothing compatible for it.
Yeah I know about no hoyt_sv98 but If someone else makes sv-98 I´ll change it. It´s not a top knotch addon
but it does the work. Maybe if I have more patience I´ll make them even prettier.

This is an unoffical addon, don´t blame me if it screwes up your computer because I didn´t force you
to download and install it. Most important, this is not from BIS or has anything to do with BIS bla bla.
Thx to Rundll.exe for his help.


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