JAM stands for Joint Ammo and Magazines. Its purpose is to allow multiple weapons in OFP to share common ammo and magazines.

JAM3 was released in September 2005 and replaces JAM2, the previous version. (JAM3 is backwards-compatible with JAM2 and missions designed for JAM2 can be played with JAM3.)



* The files JAM_Magazines.pbo, JAM_Sounds.pbo and JAM_Vehicles.pbo should be located in either OFP's  /res/addons folder or in an OFP mod folder of your choice.
* Put the folder JAM Sound Demo.Intro into your OperationFlashpoint/Users/>yourname</missions folder

ALL JAM sounds are contained in the JAM_Sounds.pbo. You can simply replace this file with a different version if you want different sounds. The version distributed with JAM3 is the Community Pack.

There are two alternative versions of the JAM_Sounds.pbo available right now: the Rainbow Pack and the Cinemania Pack. These all use different sounds and feel completely different.

The Community, Rainbow and Cinemania packs are also available in Repeater form. "Repeater" means that Machine Guns make 2 shot sounds for every one shot fired, making AI gunners sound better.

Players can use whatever soundpack they wish, in Single or MultiPlayer. It doesn't matter if players use different soundpacks in MP.

Making your own JAM soundpack couldn't be simpler. Just un-pbo the JAM.Sounds.pbo and replace the individual files with the sounds of your choice, making sure they are given exactly the same filename. You can use the Credits-Filenames.xls to quickly look up the right filenames. Then, re-pbo the folder and you're done! Test your new sounds in the editor JAM Sound Demo.

Coding by Eviscerator and SelectThis. JAM3 coding by Cornhelium.
JAM2 Scripts by Rom.
Sounds by Katerina, Suchey, Flocko Jocko, RHS, Eviscerator, SelectThis,
Earl, Nagual, Vipersheart, and the OFP Community. Please see the JAM_Credits-Filenames(Community).xls for full credits.
Pictures by Suchey, Eviscerator, SelectThis, Denorc
JAM2 Beta Testing: BAS and Digital Grenade
JAM3 Beta team: hardrock, raedor, crashdome, Denorc, Dragofire, Edge,  FireflyPL, AgentFox2, King Homer, Messiah, Uziyahu, calm_terror, commando84, MrN
Thanks to Kurayami and Gatordev for recoil input.
Thanks to TermiPete, Przezdzieblo and SPQR for CAVS input.
Thanks to Denorc for new inventory pics and JAM3 banner.
Thanks to Hardrock for hosting a forum for the JAM3 team.
Thanks to Mintyboy for the vehicles config.
Thanks to General Barron for the improved smoke grenades.
Thanks to Snypir, Zayfod and Killswitch for ECP input.
Special thanks also to Killswitch for config advice, fixes and general beta testing godliness!

Lastly, a big thank you to The Avon Lady for kick-starting JAM3 with her MAAM project, and to SelectThis and BAS for allowing development to continue.

[url="http://www.ofpec.com/editors/mods/JAM/JAM3_readMe.zip"]Full JAM3 read-me[/url]

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