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Okay , this seems like and odd mission but here we go. Enjoy.

FDF Labyrinth SP

You’ve been sent to investigate a strange American prison camp that was engaged in human rights abuses and strange psychological experiments on humans called the Labyrinth. Only this maze has watchtowers! Can you get out alive? And leave no witnesses?



Installation instructions : Copy the file with the .pbo extension into your missions folder in the game’s main directory, open single missions scroll down and find the Labyrinth. 

You will be able to save the game at any point in the game through the radio command script I added.

There should be …
 Thunder and rain.
-Intro (Hit the space bar to skip it when you want.)
-Win, when the combat zone is cleared.

-Various strategic triggers 
-Some text hints

Please send a short e-mail, or scripts improvements, comments or suggestions to [email protected] 
And put “Labyrinth” in the subject line. 

I’d love to hear from you.
Have fun!

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