Nuclear Scud Launcher



Adds a Scud Launcher with a nuclear-tipped warhead. An example mission is included and the readme explains how AI can be made to target an object with the launcher. Explosion effects are here and there will be numerous improvements made as the final version nears completion.




Nuclear SCUD Launcher

Public Beta RC4

This is an unoffical addon. It has not been made by BIS or Codemasters.



Unrar the DSF_RUSOPFOR.pbo file into your Operation Flashpoint addons directory,
This is normally c:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\AddOns

The launchers will be displayed in the editor under East - DSF Vehicles and
West - DSF Vehicles.

Extract the DSF Scud Assault.Cain.Rar file into your user missions folder,
This is normally c:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\Users\yourname\missions
This is a gash that demonstrates some of the features fo the nuclear unit.

Units Included

	DSF Nuke Scud Beta 4 West,
	DSF Nuke Scud Beta 4 East,
	DSF Chemical Scud Beta 1 East,

New Features

Radiation is now carried on the wind, look out for the dust or gas clouds.
Chemical Scud Beta 1 is incuded... more will follow.

Bug Fixed

Explosion spawning has been corrected,
Radiation has had a new makeover,

Future developments

An EMP blast is being coded,
Chemical and conventional warheads are being finalised,

Editor Syntex

An AI controlled Scud can now be controlled through the editor using the following trigger syntex [1,(Time),(Target),(launcher)] exec {\DSF_RUSOPFOR\scripts\DSF_ScudLaunch.sqs}

For example:
[1,10,H,scud] exec {\DSF_RUSOPFOR\scripts\DSF_ScudLaunch.sqs}
Would once trigered will wait '10 seconds' before firing the rocket from a scud named 'scud' at a target named 'H'.

Known Bugs

Problem: The west unit looks the same as the east unit.
Quickfix: Identify Friend or Foe can tell the difference though.
Solution: We are working on retexturing the west unit.

Contact us

You can email us at [email protected] to report bugs and request stuff
OUr website is http://www.dsfproductions.co.uk

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