Nuclear Targetable Scud (1.2)



launches.This addon adds a nuclear weapons version of the BAS OPFOR targetable SCUD. But that's just the beginning. It includes:* Tactical Nuke - The original CoC style Nuke ~1000m effective destructive range* Strategic Nuke - A Really Powerful Nuke :-> 4000m effective destructive range* Improved EMP and Flash Effects* Larger, longer lasting dust clouds* AND the most ground breaking: What I call Airbursting Nukes. Like nukes in real life, these detonate in the air. What does this mean for you? This fixes the problem with previous OpFlash nuclear weapons - No longer will units survive right next to ground zero. Total Destruction!Refer to the included readme.txt for more details.Note that this version didn't receive the OFPEC seal of approval, as the old OFPEC site ceased to exist not long after this file was released for beta testing. Rest assured, all OFP community guidelines were still followed. I've decided to release this beta officially as several people, including myself, have been using it without problems for several years.


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