OFP Need For Speed



OFP Need For Speed Mod as seen on http://www.ofpec.com/ and mirrored on OFPFiles.com. Includes over 70 vehicals.



Title: OFP NFS: reborn pack

Type: Street Racing Modification

Description: The biggest racing modification pack ever made for Operation Flashpoint. This has 150 megabytes of
addons ready for use! More info on contents of the addons are at section "II --- features".

Author: Johan Rensenbrink --- nickname: OFPfreak

Contact: [email protected]

website: www.jjjohan.com


I   ---   Installation
II  ---   Features
III ---   About
IV  ---   Notes
V   ---   Special note to creators of these addons

I --- Installation:

This whole pack should come with a self-install program. If it doesn't work, Just extract the whole @OFPNFS
directory to:


Now extract the demo missions in the missions folder to your ofp missions folder and your done.

For any installation problems please contact [email protected]


II --- Features:

-67 addons in total!
-more than 50 custom vehicles!
-a few upgradeable vehicles!
-5 realistic race tracks!
-lots of other race locations!


III --- About:

OFP NFS is a street racing modification for Operation Flashpoint allowing you to race in lots of race styles
including rally, drag racing, sprint, circuit races and much more! It even has special races e.g. jeep races,
big foot races and so on. You start out as a taxi driver and end up as a formula 1 champion.
To the limitations of OFP and my personal scripting skills, you are not able to earn money since I can't find a
way to save it in the whole campaign. Altough you win cars, and get so-called SMS messages I wouldn't say its bad!
In the future I'm planning on a custom SMS screen. Also my skills and the ofp game engine limitations will
force you to play in the storyline of this custom racing modification. Cars will be bought, upgraded, and you
will be challenged automatically. You can't decline races either. I will try to find some helpers for this mod and
just maybe they can make all these features possible!


IV --- Notes:

The mission folder just contains a few optional example missions that came from the original addons.

The whole campaign was left out since I don't play OFP a lot. 

Medium sized patches will be released, all of a size under 30 megabytes with new cars, tracks and even the
cancelled campaign.


V --- To the creators of these addons:

I apologize for not recording your names and giving you credit. Please forgive me. If you are one of the creators
of these addons, please tell me and I will add your name in the credit list for the next version.

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