Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Multiplayer Demo

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Multiplayer Demo


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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Multiplayer Demo

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(c) 2001 Bohemia Interactive Studio and The Codemasters Software Company

Welcome to the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis multiplayer demo v1.40.

This demo consists of two missions, in which you play as part of an infantry

Capture the Flag

Your squad's mission is to get the enemy flag, then return it to your flag to
capture it. Each time a flag is captured the capturing team gets a point. You
can only capture a flag if your own flag is on the pole at the time. Points are
also awarded for neutralizing enemies.  The team with the most points when the
game finishes, wins.

City Conflict

Your squad's mission is to get to and hold the city, then stop the other squad
taking control of the flag points in the city. Each time a flag is taken, the
capturing team gets a point. Points are also awarded for neutralizing enemies.
The team with the most points when the game finishes, wins.

This demo supports 2-8 players on a LAN or across the Internet.
A server connection of at least 128Kbps is recommended for Internet hosts.
The full version of the game can be played via a dedicated server for
significantly increased performance.  AI-controlled players cannot be selected
to play in this demo, and there must be at least one player on each side.

In the full game, up to 12 players can join in a wide variety of missions,
including deathmatch, co-operative, sector control and capture the flag modes.
AI characters can take the place of any human players.  Using the built-in
mission editor, new missions can easily be created for even more participants.

The full game also gives you control over a wide variety of accurately-modeled
combined-arms weaponry: over 30 playable vehicles including planes, choppers
and boats, and more than 20 different infantry weapons.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis immerses you in a massive plot-driven
single-player campaign, featuring well over 30 missions. A rich selection of
standalone single missions rounds out the challenge.

Check out the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis single-player demo for a
taste of the solo experience.

Please note :- This is a standalone demo and will not function with any part of
any other Flashpoint release.

Now there's also Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer, a 20 mission campaign played
from the Russian perspective. You are Dmitri Lukin, a veteran soldier who
becomes embroiled in a personal war as the campaign rages around him. Red
Hammer is available in Operation Flashpoint: Gold Edition along with the
original game or as part of the Operation Flashpoint: Gold Upgrade for those
who already own the full game.  


[/]                     Enter chat message
[RETURN / Mouse wheel]        Action menu (see Action menu)
[SPACEBAR]                Select weapon / change weapon mode
[M]                     Map
[/] numpad                Show compass
[I]                     Show scores
[V] or [Numpad 0]        Switch Weapon View On/Off
[Numpad Enter]                Switch between 1st and 3rd person view
[Numpad .]                Switch Command View On/Off
[+]/[-]                 Zoom In / Out (1st, 3rd Person View only)
[0]-[9]                 Call Command Menu and select menu items (see Squad
[Backspace]                Call Command Menu and go back a level in the command


[W]                     Forward
[A]                     Strafe Left
[D]                     Strafe Right
[S]                     Backwards
[E] or [SHIFT]+[W]        Sprint
[SHIFT]+ Direction Key        Move Quickly
[F]                     Toggle Walk / Run
[Q]                     Toggle Crouch
[Z]                     Lie Down / Stand Up
[R]                     Reload weapon
Mouse Left / Right        Turn Left / Right
Mouse Up / Down                Look Up / Down
Left Mouse Button        Fire Gun / Throw Weapon / Use Item in hand
Right Mouse Button        Zoom In 

Land-based Vehicle Movement

[Q]                     Slow Forward
[W]                     Forward
[E]                     Fast Forward
[A]                     Turn Left
[D]                     Turn Right
[S]                     Decelerate / Brake
[Numpad Enter]                Switch between 1st and 3rd person view

Switch Between Mouse Look and Mouse Steer with numpad [*] key
Right Mouse Button                        Select Target / Lock On
Left Mouse Button (Target Selected)        Fire Weapon
Left Mouse Button (No Target Selected)        Move to point
                                        (providing you have assumed the role
                                        Commander and you have a driver in your

NB. You may only have access to your vehicle's Targeting and Firing Systems 
if you are so authorized (e.g. gunner or Tank Commander).

Action Menu

[RETURN] / Middle Mouse Button - open Action Menu
[Square Brackets]  / Mouse Wheel - highlight Action
[RETURN] / Middle Mouse Button - activate Action and close Menu

The context-sensitive Action Menu is used for such tasks as selecting and
drawing your 
weapon/s, or for selecting special weapons or ammo. It is also used to enter,
change seats in
 (1st Person view only) or disembark from vehicles. 


Targeting & Firing Personal Firearms

Personal firearms can be targeted in several ways depending on the view you are
using at 
the time.

In 1st / 3rd Person view, the crosshair in the center of the screen shows the
aiming of your weapon. The floating dot shows the actual point that your bullet
would land at, 
not taking into account cross-wind or range. A perfect shot can be achieved
when the dot is in
 the center of the crosshair. Note how, when you are running, the floating dot
moves about much 
more quickly and is more difficult to locate in the crosshair. To aim more
accurately in this view, 
slow down or stop. Better still, lie down. This braces your arms against the
ground and gives
 you greater stability and less reaction from recoil.

For even greater accuracy, switch to Weapon View by pressing [ENTER] on the
numpad. This view shows 
your gun sights and allows you to draw a much more accurate bead on your enemy.
If you have a weapon 
which is equipped with specialist sights, you will be able to aim even more
accurately still.

To re-map control keys for the various actions available, simply click in the
field that you want to 
amend and delete its contents. Enter the new key and click OK.
If at any time you want to return the control keys to their original settings,
simply click the Default button.

Multiplayer Tips

- Communication is vital in multiplayer games of Operation Flashpoint. Use the
chat button "/" to type messages. 
- If you try to connect to a game in progress, you will be instructed to "Wait
for Server" until the game
 has been completed. You will then be able to participate in the next mission.
During this waiting period,
 you will be able to view and participate in any global-channel chat. 
- If you're playing over the Internet rather than a LAN, click "Remote" on the
Multiplayer Setup screen to 
enter the server's IP address and port number. As a host, you can use this
screen to designate a port number
 for your game. 
- In order to connect to a password-protected game, click on the "No Password"
button at the bottom-left 
corner of the Multiplayer Setup screen, then enter the correct password. 
- During game-setup, you'll be kept informed of the status of your connection
with the server. The colored 
box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen will change from green to
yellow to red to indicate an 
increasingly poor connection, and a text line will appear whenever no message
has been received for a 
period of time. Both these indicators are merely there for information, however
- don't panic! It's not 
uncommon to receive no message from the server for upwards of a minute, while
everyone's reading their 
briefings and setting up their teams. Similarly, it's quite possible for a
"red" connection light to 
change back to green after a short time." 

Minimum specification
PII 400
64Mb RAM
16Mb graphics card (DirectX or Glide)
DirectX compatible sound card
200MB free hard disk space (after install)
LAN or Internet connection

Recommended specification
PIII 700
128Mb RAM
32Mb graphics card (3Dfx recommended)
DirectX compatible sound card
At least a 128Kbps connection

Known Issues

  This demo does not support any graphics card under 16MB (apart from VooDoo

  Ati Rage 128 and Radeon cards need to have 32-bit Z-Buffering turned on in
Windows in order to draw shadows properly.

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