Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Patch 4

This is the fourth and final upgrade patch needed to be upto date of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis


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This is the fourth and final upgrade patch needed to be upto date of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

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Download 'ofp_upgrade_4_v146.zip' (6.3MB)

This package will install patch 1.46 for Operation Flashpoint.

Upgrade 3 is required before running this patch. If running version 1.0, or 1.1
of Operation Flashpoint, you
will first need to install upgrade 2. Once you are patched to version 1.2, you
can install upgrade 3. All upgrades are available from www.codemasters.com, in
the downloads>patches>operationflashpoint section, and
also from www.flashpoint1985.com.


Double-click on "Setup.exe".



1.46  - Fixed: Grid location in map one digit only in 1.45

1.46  - Fixed: Destroyed barrels and other empty objects are not reported in
statistics nor added to score

1.46  - Fixed: More ammo for Reammo Ural (same as for Reammo 5tTruck).

1.46  - Fixed: Appropriate picture for Cessna.

1.46  - Fixed: 8 men can be transported in Hind's cargo.

1.46  - Fixed: Helicopter landing with keyboard impossible. When landing,
helicopter stops hovering above the ground.

1.46  - Fixed: Bug in HW T&L code: Material change was sometimes not
when polygons shared texture. This caused some trees were rendered darker.

1.46  - Fixed: net.log file is not being created.

New features

- Last-played campaign is selected in the Campaign book.

- When a user with a different version is connected, a message containing
version information is shown.

- Colors in multiplayer setup dialogs.

- Soldiers are now better able to aim downwards.

- Support for simple tables in html files.

- New scripting function: array set [index,value].

- New scripting function: array resize newSize.

- Briefings can be previewed in the mission editor (hold SHIFT when pressing
the "Preview" button).

- Two quote marks encountered in a script expression are parsed as a quote

- When a starshell is lit, script onFlare.sqs in mission directory is called.
Received [[R, G, B], gunner], where R, G, B is the light color from <0, 1>.


- Memory usage for MC animations optimized. Most MC Data loaded only when

- SW T&L terrain color randomization removed. This makes terrain memory usage
lower. Note: This feature was never present in HW T&L

Bug fixes

- Fixed: Sometimes client has problems connect to server

- Fixed: OGG and JPG files now not compressed during mission export; this bug
resulted in ineffective
streaming audio support in custom missions.

- Fixed: Barrels and similiar objects were indestructible.

- Fixed: Fuel stations now explode when destroyed.

- Fixed: Vehicle explosions caused no damage to nearby soldiers / objects.

- Fixed: Briefing HTML error could cause the game to crash during mission
startup when malformed HTML was
loaded in some custom missions.

- Fixed: Scripting: Leading and trailing spaces were considered to be a part of
label name.

- Fixed: When an enemy was killed, the killer was always detected, even when
there was no one able to detect him. (He was detected by the dead unit).

- Fixed: When out of memory, the application was crashing. A message should now
be shown instead.

- Fixed: Years in dates now work properly.

- Fixed: Free look mode is now switched off when getting in/out of vehicle or
when a mission is restarted.

- Fixed: When no display adapter is selected in preferences and no adapter is
recognized, select the first
one. This resolves the &quot;Cannot create 3D device: Adapter -1&quot; error message.

- Fixed: Airplane: Autodetection of joystick / keyboard thrust was wrong. After
using joystick thrust it
was impossible to switch back to keyboard thrust.

- Fixed: Airplane engines turned off on bumpy surfaces during takeoff, making
takeoff with a joystick
impossible outside the airport. 

- Fixed: Windows clipboard copy sometimes did not work correctly when non-text
data were already stored
in cliboard.

- Fixed: Sometimes the camera followed the wrong person if two players got into
a vehicle simultaneously
in MP.

- Fixed: Tanks were jumping after being hit from small weapons.

- Fixed: Long environmental sounds streaming was not working.

- Assed: Support for looping streaming sounds.

- Fixed: Scripting: Array parsing inside of brackets was wrong. Example of
wrong expression: (+[0]).

- Fixed: Crashes in MP if player waits in lobby and game is in progress

- Fixed: Great Monolith gradually growing out of the water after mission reload
near A1 grid.
(Thanks to WKK Gimbal for discovering when this bug happens.)

- Fixed: Random crash when custom face texture file was corrupted.

- Fixed: After MP game in roles display, commanders were red (non ready), but
had not button &quot;I'm ready&quot;.

- Fixed: MP: When moving during get in animation, player could see himself as
running on top of a vehicle
after getting in.

- Fixed: AI tanks were able to climb hills too fast.

- Fixed: Infinite loop in script caused game freeze.

- Fixed: CreateUnit failed when init was specified and could cause crash.

- Fixed: Crash in joining to empty group.

- Fixed: Dead AI unit blocked getting out for other AI units in the same

- Changed: Limited helicopter climbing in high altitudes. Maximum possible
altitude is now about 2500 m.

- Helicopter height limit when flying with keyboard removed in multiplayer or
veteran mode. It is still
used in SP cadet mode.

- Fixed: Helicopter collective was too sensitive near joystick center

- Cessna flight model and AI pilot improved. (Thanks to WKK Gimbal for a
suggestion how to fix it.)

- Fixed: Airplane joystick throttle was reversed.

- Airplane climbing in high altitudes limited. Maximum possible altitude is now
about 12000 m.

- Fixed: Player only partially removed from group after respawning to sea-gull.
This caused corrupted group
list drawing and repeating &quot;xxx is down&quot; message after &quot;Report status&quot; was

- Fixed: Addons could change config entries that should not be changed, namely
base class definiton of
any class, leading to dammaged functionality or bogus &quot;... uses modified config
file&quot; messages.

- Config protection message &quot;... uses modified config file&quot; is now more
specific, the exact location of changed value is displayed.

- CfgSurfaces protected against addon modification.

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trademark of Codemasters. &quot;GENIUS AT PLAY&quot;(TM) and &quot;Operation Flashpoint&quot;(TM)
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