Our Weapons Project: Pilots Pack



Here is the latest Pilots Pack by Laser.

Changes in this version include: - New models - New textures - Added new variations of pilots, including Russian Federation pilots - Small config works



Our Weapons project present:

Pilots pack. version 1.5

Changes in 1.1:
-added hightlits on helmets via cfgmaterials
-APS pistol firing rate increased (set to real)

Changes in 1.5:
-New models
-New textures
-Added new variations of pilots, including Russian Federation pilots.
-small config works

Army Aviation Pilots

Project website:

Open forum: 

      "[email protected]"
      "[email protected]" 

Website of NA[CCCP] squad":



Using in Your own purposes of any content of OWP_Crew.pbo file (models, textures, spripts, animations, sounds, config.cpp & etc) 
and original ideas is PROHIBITED without permission of Our Weapons project.
You may post this add-on on any site, using in your campaign or missions freely.

This is an unofficial addon and Bohemia Interactive Studio or Codemasters don't have any liability for it. 

This is non-commercial addon. Any commercial using of this addon or part of it is prohibited.
Installation and requriments:
Installation: copy OWP_Mi26.pbo in to addons\ direcctory, copy missions in missions\ directory.
Do not raname file! In game, you will find this addon under "Our weapons (Nashe Orujie)" directory.
This addon requries Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 1.96.

Units list:                                                    Name in Editor:				Config class:
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- transport aviation                      (S) Pilot				OWP_Pilotwh
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- transport aviation (in helmet)          (S) Pilot (Helmet)			OWP_Pilothm
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- transport aviation (with headgear)      (S) Pilot (Headgear)			OWP_Pilothg
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- assault aviation                        (S-A) Pilot				OWP_Pilot2wh
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- assault aviation (in helmet)            (S-A) Pilot (Helmet)			OWP_Pilot2hm
-Pilot (Soviet Union)- assault aviation (with headgear)        (S-A) Pilot (Headgear)			OWP_Pilot2hg
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- transport aviation 	       (R) Pilot				OWP_Pilot3wh
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- transport aviation (in helmet)    (R) Pilot (Helmet)			OWP_Pilot3hm
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- transport aviation (with headgear)(R) Pilot (Headgear)			OWP_Pilot3hg
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- assault aviation                  (R-A) Pilot				OWP_Pilot1wh
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- assault aviation (in helmet)      (R-A) Pilot (Helmet)			OWP_Pilot1hm
-Pilot (Russian Federation)- assault aviation (in headgear)    (R-A) Pilot (Headgear)			OWP_Pilot1hg

Weapon list:

APS bullet												OWP_ApsBullet 		
APBS bullet (without tracers)										OWP_ApsSilentBullet     
APS pistol												OWP_Aps  		
APBS pistol (with silencer)										OWP_Apbs                
APS magazine												OWP_Apsmag              
APBS magazine												OWP_Apbsmag 


Animation (put in helmet)										OWPHelmetIn
Animation (put out helmet)										OWPHelmetOut
-helmet put in and out animations
-new models of heads and hands
-pilots armed with APS pistol and AKSU-74
-There is also APBS featured in pack


1. Helmet put in/out animations.
Now, this feature correctly working only with pilot without helmet and headgear.
To force unit put in helmet, type in init:
unit_name exec "\OWP_Crew\helmetin.sqs"
To force unit put out helmet, type in init:
unit_name exec "\OWP_Crew\helmetout.sqs"

2. Known issues:
-If you kill pilot, when animation is played, he stays in that pose, in which has died.
-If you play animation with putting helmet on, and than get in any vehicle, helmet will be visible from 1-st person view.
-When (in MP) trying play animation with helmet put in\off, it may crash dedicated server.



Models: Laser, DPS
Textures: Laser 
Scripts: DPS
Config.cpp: Laser, DPS
Animations: DPS
Testers: Griffelium

OW project thanx CEP}I{AHT to help with reference



                          Copyright © 2005 OW Project. Âñå ïðàâà çàùèùåíû.

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