Phuoc Tuy Province Beta



Hell's circus website a beta version of his Phuoc Tuy Province island (Australian area of operations in Vietnam). Download the Seb llo llo version 1.7 needed on this island http://ofp.gamezone.cz/news/download/seb_ilo_1_7.zip



-----For Seb llo download only------

Seb Ilo Ilo version 1.7


by Ebud


Seb Nam pack 2. A must

Updates. textures and plants. River water, new PBR, etc. You can add the new textures if you like. I suggest it. The brown water matches the ricer banks really well and the pbr is much nicer olive green. Really matches the terrain.

You can install it by downloading one of the sky mods and adding these files into the folder that has the new data in it when installing one of the sky mods. I suggest the unsung nam sky. These 2 little things add so much.

Or you can just depbo your data.pbo and hwtl.pbo and add these in I think, then re-pbo.

Also ecp makes it even better.

There will be more lag in this as I added more polys to the single palms.

1.7 Color Corrected several bushes, fixed lods on palms, fixed the open hut, took out many of the plants on RSSZ that were in the water, etc.

comments to [email protected]

DO NOT POST THIS ZIP ON ANY MAJOR OFP NEWSITE as this is just an open beta, not a final.

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