RuckSack Addon



This Addon.pbo containes several Rucksack models and a radio equipment. Rucksack and radio as well are secondary weapons, they cover the LAW weapon slot and get carried on the back - who would have thought this!

Both weapons also have to be "shot" just like any other weapon, with the only difference that something else will happen.

The radio equipment requires batteries, every single battery is able to send 30 messages. The battery magazines are kept in one of the 10 ammunition slots like you gun magazines, too. In order to use the radio meaningfully it's a good idea to use the eventHandler "Fired". This way you can trigger any event you want to. An idea is the application of the SupportPacks by snYpir, available at the OFP Editing Center.

Just use your imagination, there's no other limit.

The Rucksack of course is the main part of this addon. Think of the Rucksack magazines as of different pockets in a real Rucksack. In the Inventory you´ll find the pocketss where the pistol magazines are located. Each Rucksack pocket covers at least one slot, that will be closed for any other stuff (like handgun magazines). That´s bad, but handgun mags can be placed in the Rucksack now as well. Every Rucksack pocket contains several magazines (but always from one kind only): for guns, handguns, rocket launchers, handgrenades, smokeShells, and other useful equipment.



In order to take a magazine off the Rucksack, you don't put down the whole pocket but do the following:

1. in the Actionmenü select the entry weapon Rucksack
2. if different magazines are in the Rucksack, select the desired mag in the Actionmenü and reload
3. fire Rucksack just like any other weapon
4. the player bends down and puts a packet on the ground.
5. by a few seconds, the magazine can be taken off the packet
6. reload Rucksack or change weapon

The AI is not able to use the Rucksack like the player. If you´re playing as a squadleader, ordering your squad to drop a magazine doesn't really work. But it is possible to order the AI to drop the whole magazinebag. Then you can pick up the magazinbag and drop single magazines one by one. This is a good workaround and the AI is able to pick up single magazines.

Plesae use the Med-Kit when your hurt only. Otherwise it's wasted.

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